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Earthbound Fans Rejoice! Mother 4 Fan Game Looks Brilliant as ‘Oddity’

William White
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:27 PM
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  • Mother 4 fan game gets rebranded to Oddity.
  • It will be a completely original work separate from the Earthbound series.
  • There still isn’t a release date for the game yet.

It’s a great day to be an Earthbound fan. No, Mother 3 isn’t finally coming to the West . Instead, the Mother 4 fan game has been revived as Oddity .

A new trailer from the developers behind Oddity shows off exactly what Earthbound fans are looking for. A new game that captures that same quirkiness everyone was hoping for from a Mother 4 game.

The Rebrand of the Mother 4 Fan Game Has Been A Long Time Coming

The fact that Oddity is still being worked on is great news for those following it. For a while there, it seemed like the game might’ve died.

The Oddity team went almost completely radio silent following an update in November 2017 . It was at this time it announced the game was switching from a Mother 4 fan game over to an original project.

Oddity Really Looks Like Mother 4
The sprite art in Oddity looks amazing! Source: O197X/YouTube

Oddity Looks Like It Will Perfectly Please Earthbound and Mother Fans

Luckily, anyone disappointed about never getting Mother 4 saw a new ray of hope in October of last year . The developers posted a small update saying that they are still working on the game, but wanted to avoid social media until the rebranding was complete.

Now that that’s done, we can hopefully move closer to the actual release of the game. Unfortunately, there still no news on when that takes place.

The new trailer for Oddity simply states that the game will “be out when it’s ready,” and that anxious gamers will just have to “relax til then.”

If that’s the case, then relax we will until this gem finally comes out and scratches that Mother 4 itch. Please just don’t let that take years.