DxChain Whitelist Will Close on 27th of July

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Dear DxChain Community,

Thank you all for your interests in DxChain! We are aware of more than 140,000 supporters all over the world who would like to participate in this project. Thanks to everyone for being so patient and supportive!

We have been working hard to ensure a fair public sale process. Please stay tuned to the future updates and announcement about the public sale details.


  1. There is and will be NO “Pre-sale”. We haven’t released any public sale plans before. Be aware of scammers.
  2. We will NOT cancel the public sale.
  3. We will NOT run a dutch auction and will NOT encourage a gas war situation.
  4. DxChain’s authorized admins will NEVER ask anyone to send ETH to any wallets. Don’t give your ETH away in private message.



All people around the world who want to participate in the public sale will have to pass the KYC. The KYC process is ongoing and will close on Friday 2018/07/27 12:00:00 pm.

*You have to join at least one of the official DxChain Global Telegram Groups to be able to participate in the KYC.

The public sale will start in either late July or early August, depending on the KYC progress.


We have been working incredibly hard to explore directions that would allow broader participation, however, we cannot guarantee allocations for all supporters due to the growing interest in DxChain and limited token supply for public sale.

A probabilistic approach will be used to make the token distribution as fair as possible, and a whitelist score system will be designed to provide supporters who really care and contribute to DxChain community more opportunities to get involved in the public sale.

Detailed information will be announced very soon, please stay tuned. Some of our official channels include:

About DxChain,

DxChain is a startup with the grand ambition to transform the future of big data services. 
We believe that a fair data services system built upon mutual trust and transparency will put an end to the large corporations’ monopoly on big data.