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‘DWTS’ Has 8 Million Reasons to Showcase Carole Baskin’s Awful Dancing

Published September 23, 2020 5:36 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Published September 23, 2020 5:36 PM
  • ‘DWTS’ won the ratings wars for ABC last night.
  • Though Carole Baskin finished in the bottom two, she ultimately didn’t go home.
  • Even the producers know that she’s ratings gold — and they, unfortunately, need to resort to gimmicks like this to remain relevant.

As Joe Exotic would say, ‘dammit, Carole, you did it again!’ This time, though, Baskin ‘did it’ for ‘DWTS.’

Despite its inauspicious start, and the backlash it received from getting rid of Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews and replacing them with Tyra Banks — “Dancing With The Stars” proved to be a ratings winner for ABC. Last night’s episode took home the gold (or, perhaps more accurately, the mirror ball trophy) for the network.

And though Carole Baskin finished in the bottom two for the evening, she ultimately was spared from elimination because everyone from the producers to her fellow cast members knows ratings gold when they see it.

‘DWTS’ May Love Her But Carole Baskin Can’t Dance

Let’s not fool ourselves: ‘DWTS’ was never about the quality of dancing. If it were, they wouldn’t pit fading celebrities and Z-list stars against one another — they’d recruit professional ballroom dancers from all over the world to compete against each other.

The reason people watch “Dancing With The Stars” is that they want to see their childhood heroes hoof it up, terribly, while making various pop culture references that are callbacks to their nostalgic favorites.

We didn’t tune in to watch 83-year-old Billy Dee Williams — long past his “Mahogany” sex symbol prime — struggle with the paso doble while contending with his arthritis. We tuned in because we wanted to see him dance with stormtroopers while wearing his old Lando Calrissian costume . Did we all not shed a tear when he danced like our dear old grandpa to the “Star Wars” theme ? Don’t lie — you know you did.

Likewise, there is no sane person who can honestly say that what Carole Baskin did last night was “dancing.” Check it out below.


We get it, Carole: you deal with tigers. But can you lay off the leopard print just one week? And enough with the “cat” themed music, please, and thank you!

But She Gets Ratings For The Show

Despite being in the bottom two on last night’s ‘DWTS,’ Baskin was spared from elimination.

No one believes that Carole Baskin can dance. They just know that she brings ratings to ‘DWTS.’ | Source: Twitter 

And though the ratings weren’t released until today, as it turns out, the Powers That Be have more than 8 million reasons  to keep Baskin dressing like a Seigfried & Roy tribute act. The show had the best ratings since the Season 25 premiere — and the Powers That Be are taking notice.

So, no, Carole Baskin can’t dance, but according to ‘DWTS,’ that doesn’t matter in the least. Dammit, Carole, you did it again.

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