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Dwayne Johnson’s French Toast Cringe is Humanity’s Pandemic-Era Low

Kate Prince
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:47 PM
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  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson chowed down on French Toast while hosting an AMA on Instagram Live¬†this past Sunday.
  • The wrestler-turned-actor drew in a large crowd of over 100k people who watched him devour his cheat day meal.
  • Celebrities need to stop buffing their ego in pointless videos and start writing checks to battle the pandemic.

Dwayne Johnson is a good egg. He’s entertaining to watch, he’s got a bald head that looks as shiny and bright as the day is young, and he’s got swagger from his wrestling days. Apparently, that means we’ll watch him do anything, including eating two humungous pieces of French Toast . Dwayne might be the one having a cheat day, but we’re the ones consuming less than nutritious trash.

Dwayne Johnson Eats French Toast
Source: Instagram 

The Rock hopped onto Instagram Live for an AMA on Sunday, delighting fans with his responses, but all eyes were on his meal. Dwayne described the giant slices as:

Brioche french toast smothered with peanut butter and syrup.

The snack was a sight to behold, but why on God’s green Earth are we seeing it in the first place?

Dwayne Johnson Isn’t The Only Celebrity Making Pointless Videos

Dwayne Johnson can’t be blamed for his actions. He’s not the only one doing us dirty. However, just because we’re all stuck in quarantine doesn’t mean that we need to lower our viewing standards even more.

Have I missed the memo? Weren’t we already a society that consumed vapid nonsense like Keeping up with the Kardashians and hailed it as quality reality TV? Didn’t millions tune in to watch money-grabbing desperados try to clinch a rich man in The Bachelor? How – just how – have we stooped even further?

Twitter Reacts to Gal Gadot's Iamgine
Source: Twitter 

It all started with Gal Gadot’s insufferable video in which she gathered a hoard of celebrities to croon John Lennon’s Imagine at us. If that choir of cats singing didn’t ding us over the head with the mallet of hypocrisy hard enough, it started a trend.

Stars Should Stop Making Videos And Start Writing Cheques

I don’t understand why celebrities are clambering to the cameras to host living room concerts, or the sudden rush to “ask me anything.” Are they suffering from a withdrawal of attention? Do they need constant reminders that they’re famous? Surely, if they wanted to help, then they’d do more than trying to lift spirits. They would save lives – and in the process, save eardrums.

Dwayne Johnson's French Toast
Source: Instagram 

Instead of wasting their efforts singing songs or answering questions, wouldn’t their time be better spent writing checks so we can all get out of this mess sooner? Throwing money at the situation won’t solve the problem entirely, but considering the sheer lack of medical equipment in place to support victims of Covid-19, wouldn’t it be a start?

Wouldn’t time be better spent donating just a fraction of their obscene wealth than frying up French Toast with lashings of syrup? There’s nothing sweet about that, but there’s plenty sickly.

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