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Sussex Fans Attacking Duchess Kate Middleton Proves One Thing

Last Updated December 3, 2020 7:59 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated December 3, 2020 7:59 PM
  • Duchess Kate, along with the rest of the royal family, has been busy with remembrance activities of late.
  • One of those activities included a video honoring those who have lost loved ones in battle.
  • The Sussex Squad, of course, saw an opportunity to push their agenda.

Anyone who’s followed the royal family online, especially through Twitter, will know that Duchess Kate Middleton has been a target for Sussex fans for a long time now.

The outright jealousy shown by Meghan Markle fans is astounding, yet over time it has become something I expect.

Thankfully, nothing they do ever seems to faze the Duchess, and she continues along her path of what can only be described as outstanding royal duty.

Duchess Kate Middleton offers comfort to armed forces families who have lost loved ones

This past week or so has been all about remembrance for the royal family, as it is every year at this time.

Granted, the pandemic has played havoc with plans this time around, but I think overall, they’ve done a terrific job of working around that.

Duchess Kate Middleton was, as usual, at the forefront of proceedings and released a heartfelt video showing her speaking with families of those who have lost their lives in service to their country.

The video consisted mainly of the family members discussing the help and support the armed forces provided to them in a time of need, and Duchess Kate was keen to allow them to take center stage, as she should.

Speaking during the video,  Kate commented:

Thank you so much, and it has been a real honor to speak to all of you. I think I speak for the whole nation when I say how proud you should be of your loved ones and the sacrifice and bravery they have shown. I will sadly be thinking of you this difficult week and for many years to come, so thank you so much.

It was a lovely video, and it should have been recognized as a tribute to those who have suffered alongside the veterans who serve their country.

Of course, it was never going to play out that way.

The Sussex Squad couldn’t allow an opportunity to bash Kate pass them by

Look, I know that pretty much no opportunity to grab headlines for their Hollywood idols is off-limits to this small minority of Meghan and Harry fans. Still, it would appear that even the mainstream media, which has turned a blind eye to most of their shenanigans for a long time, is even starting to take notice.

Duchess Kate Middleton was always going to be attacked following her remembrance video, and the deranged faction of Meghan and Harry’s fanbase didn’t disappoint.

These Sussex fans will stoop so low to focus discussion on their idols. | Source: Twitter 

To the Sussex Squad, no subject matter is sacred. Even the families of those who have been lost in combat aren’t as worthy of the spotlight as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that these weird Sussex fans are a minority.

A noisy, vocal minority for sure, but a minority nonetheless.

Absolutely no subject is sacred to these individuals. It’s embarrassing. | Source: Twitter  

I’ve quickly learned that support for the Sussexes isn’t actually their primary concern. It’s more about hatred for “the other side,” which is the royal family.

This may come as a shock, but it’s not about Harry. | Source: Twitter 

Some people are just born to hate, and they take their failures in life and project them on others, such as Duchess Kate Middleton.

After all, if they were loyal Sussex fans, you imagine they’d follow the words of their idol, Meghan Markle.


Social media kindness, anyone? Or is Duchess Kate Middleton exempt from that?

It was only this month that Meghan Markle commented: 

For so many, social media plays a big part of their daily life. We have access to it at the end of our fingertips, so it ought to be a safer and kinder place for all. It saddens me that in today’s society Social Media Kindness Day is deemed necessary. But it absolutely is!

Meghan continued:

I sincerely hope this much-needed awareness day is a success. I fully support the initiative.

It’s a shame her most vocal supporters don’t follow her lead and fully support the initiative as well.

Shame on you.

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