Draper University Bitcoin Course is Live – and Free

October 23, 2014 11:56 UTC

The venture capitalist investor who won the US Marshall Bitcoin Auction, Tim Draper, has launched his own Bitcoin education program. The Draper University Bitcoin Course is a comprehensive online bitcoin program.

Enrollment is free and students receive lifetime access to fourty two lectures, three quizzes, and seven hours of video content.

Draper University is the entrepreneur-centric college created by Tim Draper. The course claims “Students will understand Bitcoin as both a technology and a currency at a high level and will be able to start using it right away.” The curriculum begins with What is Bitcoin? and What is a distributed ledger. The first two lectures are only two minutes long. Each following lecture is direct and covers a specific concept core to Bitcoin. Section one contains six lectures ( < 7 Minutes) and a seventeen-minute interview on trustless transactions.

Anyone who signed up for Draper University’s Bitcoin Course received an email yesterday (10/22/14) notifying them the course had gone live. Enrollment is still open. Anyone interested in signing up can visit the Udemy site here.

“Draper University and Zapchain have come together with the goal of making the most comprehensive bitcoin course. By making bitcoin more approachable, we hope to inspire people to innovate with Bitcoin, because we believe that bitcoin has transformative potential.

In this course we’ll teach you the fundamentals of bitcoin and introduce you to entrepreneurs who have been funded by tens of millions of dollars, the venture capitalists behind them, and some of the brightest engineers in Silicon Valley, all of whom will give us their unique insights into how bitcoin can change the world.”


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Images from Draper University and Udemy.

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