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DragonEx Launches Global Operation Center in Thailand

Last Updated April 19, 2023 6:35 AM
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Last Updated April 19, 2023 6:35 AM
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Bitcoin Press Release: DragonEx  is pleased to announce the opening of their Global Operations Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

June 29th 2018. Bangkok, Thailand: One of the top 30 global cryptocurrency exchanges, DragonEx held a press conference to officially launch its Global Operations Center in Bangkok , Thailand, on June 28, 2018. Its theme was “Maintain Core Beliefs, Pursue Global Vision.” In the 6500-square-foot office in Bangkok, there are nearly 30 employees from Thailand, the U.S., India, and China, whose roles focus on global business development and operation.

The press conference highlighted the importance of DragonEx’s  business and marketing strategy in the global market. Since launching its global identity authentication system last month, more than 10,000 new overseas users have been verified and more than 1,000 active members joined DragonEx’s overseas community.

Finn Zhang, DragonEx’s CIO since December 2017, announced DragonEx’s global strategic plans:

  • Conduct and invest in R&D projects that are used to incubate high-quality blockchain startups and to improve the level of security of the different platforms, using blockchain-related technology in the U.S. and European countries.
  • Establish a series of exchange divisions in the countries that support the development of cryptocurrency, such as Belarus, Ukraine, Brazil, and Cambodia, based on the distributed essence of blockchain-based businesses.
  • Follow international standards and adopt the U.S. and European color rules to symbolize being positive or negative in the trading platforms.
  • Build up service centers in North America, Belarus, and Malta, and provide 24/7 services for global users.

Advantages of DragonEx


Guaranteed Security

Marvin Yan, the CTO of DragonEx, introduced DragonEx’s digital-asset transaction system , which reaches the highest levels in the world and won high praise in the industry. On the other hand, Marvin also explained how DragonEx’s security system protects the safety of users’ funds and data. “Our priority is to maintain the security system and ensure that our users’ assets are safe,” Marvin said. To cooperate with domestic and international security companies, banks, accounting firms, and other organizations, DragonEx guarantees to protect the safety of users’ assets and data in every possible way.

Optimized Product

Since its launch, DragonEx was named “The Most User-friendly Cryptocurrency Exchange”  because of its easy-to-use features. Kevin Xun, the CPO of DragonEx, shared new product design ideas that focus on providing a simple, easy-to-use platform with the most valuable core functions. The design of this new app includes a built-in Telegram system, which helps users participate in the online community with just one click. In the future, DragonEx will bring more user-centered designs to create a better exchange platform.

Experienced Team

At the conference, DragonEx  also introduced three core team members to the public. All of these team members have extensive experience in IT, blockchain, and the financial industry. The CIO, Finn Zhang, had worked in the securities industry for six years, and then joined Yun Fan Group as Vice President in 2015. The CTO, Marvin Yan, has 14 years’ experience in project development and was the Director of Project Development at the unicorn startup Qvod Player. The CPO, Kevin Xun, worked as a product manager at Qvod Player, Wondershare, and ArcSoft for ten years. He is extremely familiar with the web and mobile products with millions of users.

In mid-July, DragonEx will launch its China Tour, bringing a series of innovative overseas blockchain projects to investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Chengdu. The China Tour will be covered by more than 50 media, such as Gyro Finance, Determined to Win Bitcoin Finance, CoinVoice, New Finance, Garlic Media, and Zero Degree of Finance.

Miya, CMO of DragonEx, said:

“It is also a great opportunity for DragonEx to connect its overseas projects with the Asian market. We believe the tour will not only raise brand awareness for the high-quality projects in Asia but also stimulate effective communication between projects and investors.”

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