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Doubly Partners with an Insurer to Better Its Financial Standing

Last Updated April 4, 2023 5:21 AM
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Last Updated April 4, 2023 5:21 AM

London, United Kingdom, February 16, 2019. – Doubly , a cryptocurrency trading platform that leverages on the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has agreed with a renowned financial insurer to help it manage its liquidity. The deal between the crypto trading platform and Financial Global Insurance Solution Limited (FGI) will help Doubly give its customers a way to cash out their investments whenever they want to do so.

The deal, however, will do more than give an easy way to the want-away customers; it will also ensure the platform remains steady when such releases are made. The Doubly platform, therefore, will operate flawlessly even in the face of numerous cash releases. This second feature of the insurance product will ensure that Doubly’s liquidity remains constant.

Already, adjustments are finalized on the Doubly platform and clients can ask for cash release right from the website.

The Insurance Partnership Between Doubly and FGI

The partnership between Doubly and FGI will see the latter offer the former a couple of products that will improve the user experience on Doubly. FGI is an insurer with clients mostly in the financial sector. It helps its clients to get protection against the shocks caused by turbulence in the financial markets.


In the Doubly – FGI partnership, the crypto trading engine will get a cover to fund its recently launched money back guarantee for customers that want to cash out their investment. According to this deal, such customers shall from now on, ask for a release of their investments whenever they want. Primarily, this deal implies that the cash a customer pumps into the Doubly platform is available whenever they want it. Importantly, the deal also means that despite the volume of cash-outs, the Doubly platform shall continue operating as usual without experiencing a cash crunch.

The second product, on the other hand, shall provide an insurance cover for the trades that Doubly makes. This second cover shall focus mainly on the effects of poor trades that may cause devastating losses. Though Doubly makes impressive gains from its trades, the possibilities of a disastrous day in the office cannot be ruled out.

As a seasoned player in the insurance industry, FGI engages in rigorous due diligence before it can enter into any dealings with a client. The FGI-Doubly deal was not any different. The insurer raked the crypto trading platform with a fine comb; checking aspects such as the daily trading volume, trade successes, platform expenses as well as liquidity. Such stringent measures help both parties benefit optimally from the deal they strike. The approval from FGI, for instance, elevates Doubly to a higher standing. Moreover, it makes the platform more convenient for cryptocurrency investors. It will make the platform’s products more popular.

Finer Details of the FGI – Doubly Insurance Deal

According to the documents of the deal, FGI is putting forth a cover worth US$ 39 million per month. The amount shall cover the payments made to Doubly customers that want to cash out their investment in the platform. Primarily, the deal means that the investor’s cash is ever ready whenever they want it. Better still, it also implies that even with a considerably large cash release, Doubly can keep functioning as usual without feeling the effects of a cash crunch.

The convenience of accessing funds whenever they want shall cost Doubly customers between 20 and 30% depending on the package they hold. Aside from the money back cover, Doubly also acquired another cover that allows it to hedge its trades against losses. Though it makes impressive gains in its trades, it is foolhardy to rule out incidents like crypto volatility that can result in devastating injuries. In the latter deal, FGI shall provide US$ 15 million to cover every trading session a Doubly. In return, the insurer shall get an agreed portion of the profits made during each successful trading session.

How Doubly Earns Money

The Doubly bot is connected to various leading exchanges. Through these connections, it accesses a considerably large volume of important data and signals on market trends. The bot’s self-learning feature uses these critical resources and the history of its past trades to improve its trading capabilities and results of future trades.

The constant improvements recorded on the Doubly system means the bot can execute trades with high precision and attain profit margins of between 6 and 10%. Also, it places these trades faster than a manual input would.

The bot’s unique feature, the internal ranking system helps perfect trades by evaluating the information gathered from outside sources as well as the data from previous trades. Its self-learning nature improves the outcome of trades each time based on this information.

More information about Doubly is available on the website .

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