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Don’t Worry, PS5 Fans – Sony Still Has Plenty of Secrets to Obsess Over

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
  • Discussions are waging on Twitter over the VRS capabilities of the PlayStation 5, a feature notably absent from March’s deep dive.
  • Former principal software engineer Matt Hargrett says Sony still has plenty of PS5 secrets to share.
  • The latest rumors suggest Sony is gearing up for a significant PS5 reveal next month.

A former principal software engineer on the PlayStation 5 project claims that there are plenty more PS5 secrets to come ahead of the planned launch of Sony’s next-gen console later this year.

PlayStation 5 VRS Debate

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Matt Hargrett jumped into a discussion about the PlayStation 5’s Geometry Engine . More specifically, he weighed in on the fact that Sony has yet to touch on the variable rate shading (VRS) capabilities of the console.

Participants questioned why VRS hasn’t formed part of the PS5 reveals to date. And, in particular, whether Sony has a VRS solution up its sleeve for the PlayStation 5.

Sony Still Has Plenty of PlayStation 5 Secrets to Reveal
Source: Twitter 

Hargrett explained that tackling VRS is no straightforward task  due to “the degree to which it will help performance will vary per game, and possibly per scene per game.” He noted that Mark Cerny’s March PlayStation 5 deep-dive was very focused on “tentpole features” due to the time limit imposed by the 50-minute format.

Sony Still Has ‘Plenty of Secrets’ to Reveal

Twitter users then questioned why the PlayStation 5’s VRS solution hadn’t crept up in leaks, to which Hargrett responded :

Many, many things haven’t shown up in leaks. There are plenty of secrets that are being well kept :)

Source: Twitter 

While Sony has already unveiled the architecture underpinning the PS5 and, more recently, the DualSense controller, Hargrett’s words suggest that the best is still to come.

We’ve yet to see the final console design, the UI in-action, or learn the full roster of launch titles. Aside from these obvious as-yet-undisclosed features, it seems Sony has many more technical marvels to share with PlayStation fans in the months ahead.

As for when we can expect to hear more, May seems likely according to the latest rumors. A source with knowledge of Sony’s plans told Video Game Chronicle earlier this week that Sony was prepping to host a “significant PlayStation 5 reveal” next month.