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What a bit! Donald Trump’s European Adventures; Sadiq Khan and Queen

06/06/2019 12:08
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Watch What a bit! with William Grant discussing Donald Trump vs Sadiq Khan, Trump’s European Adventure & Queen.

Trump goes head to head with London mayor, Sadiq Khan calling him a Nasty, stone cold loser while arriving in the UK. This all escalated when Sadiq Khan criticized the British government for rolling out the red carpet for Trump’s 3 days stay in the U.K.

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William Grant @William37080379

William Grant is the anchor and scriptwriter for CCN TV. He is based in US, New Jersey. Before joining CCN, he was working as a freelance video spokesperson. He sees news stories from a unique perspective and writes his scripts from a fresh and sarcastic point of view. Follow him on Twitter @William37080379 or email him directly at Billygrant93(at)

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