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Donald Trump Slams UK’s Theresa May, Offered Brexit Tips but ‘She Didn’t Listen’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:36 PM
Nick Marinoff
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:36 PM

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – it’s all U.K. residents have been hearing about for the past three years. Their lives are consumed with news of Brexit. Will it happen? When? How?

The U.K. has been examining its options for leaving the European Union since 2016. Recent news is that Prime Minister Theresa May’s position hangs in the balance as she struggles with fellow conservatives  to decide on the next date in which lawmakers should vote on her EU divorce proposal.

A separation from the Union has already been voted on and rejected twice. Its popularity isn’t likely to increase in just the next few days alone. Word is that May could be asked to set a resignation date . She is facing extreme hostility from the remainder of the cabinet, and 11 senior ministers are hoping the Prime Minister will “make way for someone else.”

After Brexit, the trading can begin

Donald Trump and the American public have a lot to gain granted the U.K. decides to exit the Union. Trump has announced that he is prepared to engage in a “large scale” trade agreement  with the U.K. once the region’s separation is confirmed.

Trump was critical, however, of May’s allegedly weak negotiating strategies during the latest Brexit round. He comments that his initial ideas for the negotiation were ignored by May, which has ultimately led to the unstable conditions within the U.K. Parliament.

He states:

“I’m surprised how badly it’s all gone from the standpoint of a negotiation. I gave the Prime Minister my ideas on how to negotiate it, and I think it would have been successful. She didn’t listen to that, which is fine, but I think it could have been negotiated in a different manner.”

Dismissing Donald Trump may be a bad idea

If May did choose to ignore Trump’s advice, it could be the final nail in her coffin. Trump has shown he knows how to follow through on deals and promises between his long-affirmed border wall and his plans for economic stability. With ongoing booms in the jobs market and the return of America’s manufacturing industry , Trump has not strayed from his campaign promises and has fulfilled several within just his first two years in office.


The President has often traversed through unpopular waters to ensure his plans remain intact. Trump faced resistance from both parties  when he enforced a government shutdown and declared a national emergency for his border wall. Despite Republicans and Democrats alike voting against the declaration, Trump utilized his veto power to ensure funds could be diverted appropriately.

No doubt, Trump could face further opposition, but he’s gotten the ball rolling on everything he’s pledged, and likely could have gotten the U.K. out of its present predicament years ago. If May proves unwilling to amend her negotiation strategy, perhaps resignation is the fairest thing – for her and her country.

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