josh wiseDogecoin does some wacky things, but this may be the wackiest so far. It seems as though the Dogecoin community wasn’t sick of voting for NASCAR driver Josh Wise since the All-Star race. Users decided to vote him as 2014 Hottest NASCAR Driver by feminine motorsports site The Fast and The Fabulous. Through a flurry of votes cast, they blew away the competition for their previously sponsored driver.

Upon hearing of the news, Wise had this to say:

“Wow thanks a lot everyone! I am continually humbled and thankful for your support and really have no idea how I deserve so much support from you all. I am a lucky guy.”

The community was so trigger happy that they made sure there was no chance for his opponent, NASCAR driver David Ragan, to compete in the running. Wisewon 99.41 percent to Ragan’s 0.59 percent. Writer Valli Hilaire even had to end the voting earlier than expected.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to end voting in the finals earlier than planned. There was an overwhelming number of votes cast and I can say with a VERY clear conscience, and without any doubt, that even if the voting had continued through Saturday night Josh Wise would still be your winner. In the end Josh beat David Ragan, 99.41% to 0.59%.”

“Congratulations to Josh Wise and his VERY supportive fan base. Dogecoin anyone? I, for one, am impressed by their dedication to the voting process. This contest isn’t rigged, it can’t be rigged and there’s literally NO POINT in it being rigged. It’s all done for fun.”

Hilaire plans to attend Wise’s race at the end of October in Texas, presenting him with a wacky award deserving of the Dogecoin champion: a trophy of hot sauce.

NASCAR Involvement In Dogecoin

NASCAR Talledega Josh Wise

If anyone is unfamiliar with why a random NASCAR driver is involved in cryptocurrency in the first place… It was not by his initial choosing. The Dogecoin community crowdfunded $50,000 toward an entire sponsorship of his race earlier this year, receiving a slew of coverage nationwide because of how genuinely silly the idea was. CEO of Moopay LTD, Alex Green, even sent 20 million DOGE on accident, but stood by his mistake and was matched.

The race energized the community and spurred them on to vote for Josh Wise in the Sprint “All-Star” series in Talladega. Day and night they voted to push Josh Wise over Danica Patrick, their competitor and winner of last year’s all-star challenge.

They succeeded, and the NASCAR Dogecar raced again. Josh Wise remains an active member of the Dogecoin community and frequently appears on the Dogecoin official subreddit. Whether or not the community will sponsor him again is up for debate, but they aren’t the only cryptocurrency making sports sponsorships.

Bitpay is sponsoring the college football St. Petersburg Bitcoin Bowl this year as the competition shifts to a playoff style match. The exposure of Bitcoin to follow by mainstream media remains unclear, but viewers will constantly be hearing the term “bitcoin” over and over throughout the game as the announcers reference the name.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia; other images from Shutterstock.