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September 1, 2014 16:43 UTC

Dogecoin’s humble origins would be all for nothing if it weren’t for one innovation early-on that changed everything; the dogetipbot. In the booming Dogecoin subreddit, there was a call for a way to send dogecoins through the platform, similar to the ChangeTip service that Bitcoin utilizes. Finding the motivation to bring a similar service to their fellow Dogecoin users, Josh Mohland and David Dvorak took up the calling and created the dogetipbot.

At first, it was a bumpy trip. So many dogecoins were being sent from person to person that the bot couldn’t keep up. Foregoing many hours of sleep, Mohland and Dvorak continued working hard on their new project. Over the course of a few months, they tweaked all of the inner functions and expanded their horizons. Now, the dogetipbot on Reddit is near-instant, and the dogetipbot team is tackling their next platform:

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Mohland officially announced that he and his team will be launching the dogetipbot beta on at PAX Prime. is an online gaming streaming site that has skyrocketed in popularity over the past year with a bit of a goofy following and fanbase in the chat box, making Dogecoin a pretty comfortable fit. They also recently announced that they would be accepting Bitcoin. Although it’s a fast paced and often overwhelming userbase, dogetipbot developers seem prepared to put their skills to the test.

Mohland was able to take the time away from PAX to talk about Twitch with CCN, saying:

“Twitch has been in the works for months, actually. We had the opportunity to launch a half-assed version a while back, but we chose to spend the time overhauling our entire infrastructure instead. There’s a lot on the user side that most folks won’t see, because it’s all about scalability and security.”

Dogetipbot’s involvement isn’t the first time cryptocurrency has stepped into the ring with Reddcoin, a cryptocurrency set around the social media, has a tip bot already in place. Along with that, even Dogecoin is no stranger as Cryptiv has a functioning tipping system on Twitch. Dogetipbot is by no means the first, but it does seem to be the most powerful.

“The platform we’ve built over the last few months is, in my honest opinion, amazing. Twitch chat will be our true stress test,” Mohland said on the dogetipbot blog, adding “kappa much?”

Twitch’s version of dogetipbot will be officially announced this upcoming weekend at PAX Prime, a popular gaming convention in Seattle, Wash. Amazon recently acquired Twitch for $970 million, an interesting plot twist to the rumor that Google was eyeing them. Regardless of the owner though, it looks like Mohland and Dvorak are going to bring dogetipbot to Twitch either way. Mohland told CCN he has no worries when it comes to Amazon.

Dogetipbot Security

The dogetipbot holds 97 percent of its fund in cold storage, making it an incredibly secure platform. Mohland was also able to tell CCN about how they’re tackling security on the dogetipbot.

With the dogetipbot beta, we’re going live with our modular design, which isolates every component from each other. I adapted the idea from Denver Pirate Radio, to be honest. Always assume someone is trying to shut you down, or in our case, steal your dogecoins, and you figure out clever ways to defend yourselves.

The dogetipbot is a cornerstone of the Dogecoin community, and Mohland has more than once been active about keeping the fun involved. As any digital currency, Dogecoin has seen some ups and downs in terms of social drama, but Mohland always seems to do his best to be an active promoter of fun and light-heartedness.

“We’ve got an amazing team right now. No public announcements yet, but we’ve got the best folks working for Wow Such Business now,” Mohland said. “I hate biting my tongue.”

Dogetipbot And Its Role in Cryptocurrency

Mohland was also able to expand on his thoughts about the dogetipbot initiative and the effect it has on cryptocurrency as a whole:

“Tim Swanson in his latest book called us a faucet, but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. Tipping is a weird activity that both rewards quality content with a cryptocurrency donation and expands awareness of dogecoin, or cryptos in general. We like seeing our users have fun and be absurd, so we’re biased towards services we personally use and love.”

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