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Dogecoin Leaders Present Evidence that CEO of Troubled Bitcoin Exchange Moolah Is Long-Time Scammer

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM
Clay Michael Gillespie
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:40 PM

Author’s Note: Since the publishing of this article, the Facebook page of Ryan Kennedy has tightened the privacy settings and removed the photo in question.

Recently a document surfaced regarding the CEO of Moolah known as Alex Green; the document  was compiled by Jackson Palmer and Ben Doernberg, two members of the Dogecoin community. Palmer is the creator of Dogecoin, and Doernberg is a long-time vocal activist against Moopay, Moolah, Moofarm and the CEO Alex Green. Recently, Green came out in saying that his company Moolah and Moopay LTD would be filing for bankruptcy. After that bout of publicity, he announced that Moopay would size down instead of file for bankruptcy.

The two are accusing “Alex Green” of, in fact, being a pseudonym. The CEO may not be who he says he is, and the two compiled evidence to make their case. This evidence included pictures of a Ryan Gentle, other pseudonyms such as Ryan Kennedy, along with other scams this person has committed in the past all cross-referenced with pictures of “Alex Green” and a photo ID of the perpetrator.

Update: “Alex Green” has posted to Reddit claiming that he will be seeking UK legal advice tomorrow and will also try to verify his identity with a media source. If “Alex Green” can prove his identity to CCN.com, we will let you know.

CCN.com now has further possible evidence that someone by the name of Ryan Kennedy or Ryan Gentle is, in fact, posing as Alex Green, due to the implications of the following picture:

Alex Green Ryan Gentle Moolah Bitcoin Kennedy
The woman, claimed to be Alex Green’s wife, will remain anonymous in this CCN.com article.

In the above picture, Ryan’s Facebook profile is featured, containing three previously unreleased photos. The Ryan from Facebook is living in the same city as Green claims residence and also likes Blockchain, very Bitcoiner-like. Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer has also claimed that the woman in the photo is Alex Green’s wife. Green refuted being married at all upon a conversation with CCN.com and says that Jackson has never met his partner.

“It’s terrifying to hear this person’s history and I hope everyone involved can get out before anyone else is hurt‏,” Palmer told CCN.com after the information surfaced.

According to the document, Ryan Gentle/Ryan Kennedy/the accused “Alex Green” is no stranger to fake companies along with taking advantage of people. He’s not inexperienced at all with creating startups; he’s a mastermind scammer at creating multiple ones. In 2013 alone, he created six registered companies; exactly as many companies as tracked pseudonyms today.

  • Cirtus.pw
  • Nuplay.co
  • Flirble.me
  • Affinity.so
  • Escrow.pm
  • Lemon.sx
  • Nzbx.co

Ryan Gentle, as it says on his ID, is a seasoned perpetrator at creating drama, starting companies, taking money, and disappearing. It has now caught up to him if the allegations are true.

The Information and the Evidence

It all began with an email. The two received an anonymous tip saying the following: Alex Green = Ryan Kennedy/Ryan Gentle. Included in this email were three links to a detailed recounting of the past ten years of Ryan’s activity.

“After receiving several emails from concerned parties, including former employees, it’s come to light that ‘Alex Green’, CEO of Moolah appears to be well known internet scammer ‘Ryan Kennedy’, also known as ‘Ryan Humble,’ ‘Ryan Gentle,’ and many other pseudonyms. A simple Google search will lead you down the path of abuse, fraud and destruction he leaves in his wake.”

Ryan Gentle previously tried to raise money for a different project called Crypto.pm in April 2013. The process was nearly identical to the now-infamous Moolah PIE investments spearheaded by Alex Green. After collecting the money, Ryan Gentle claimed to suffer a heart attack and receive death threats, also nearly identical to the claims made by Alex Green. He then disappeared into thin air, making off with a reported 500 BTC. Ryan Gentle also is cited using tactics of threatening legal action against anyone with simply a phone call, looking like the exact behavior of Alex Green when a certain leaked video emerged.

The major piece of evidence is a driver’s license, sent to Palmer and Doernberg in secrecy. The two gathered photographs from Instagram and Flickr, along with photos from the leaked video from the video chat Alex Green had had with Palmer and Doernberg a few months ago.

They cross-referenced the photos and the ID with several people that met with Green in person, all vouching that the image is the same person.

“From the information provided, it is clear that the many people affiliated with this individual were not aware of who they were dealing with,” Palmer and Doernberg said in their statement. The employees of Moolah, Mintpal, and Dogecoin / SysCoin communities were led to believe this individual was named ‘Alex Green’ and were not aware of his history when doing business with him. It is not believed they were part of any fraudulent or suspicious activity.”

Put all of this on top of the Facebook picture of Ryan Kennedy with the woman claimed to be Alex Green’s, and the possible evidence loop pulls in very close.

Furthermore, Palmer also sent CCN.com a tip to a video of Green, meant to be used as a safety net for Palmer if the “worst happened” as Green said. He has since made this video public, assuming the worst has happened. The video displays Green showing off the ATM that Moolah claims is currently non-functioning and claiming the company is doing quite well financially.

What Will Happen to Moolah in the Aftermath?

As this article is being written, Green has refuted any allegation that he is the same person as Ryan Gentle. He refuses to prove this in any way as he believes it would be unwise to show his driver’s license under the circumstances. Upon seeing the document Doernberg and Palmer put together, Green had this to say:

“This is actually hilarious. It would be more concerning if it were actually me, but thankfully, it’s simply hilarious due to the sheer size of the grave you and your associates appear to be digging for yourselves. If it wasn’t made clear enough for you, that’s not me. I hope to God you sought legal advice before you did this, it would be quite funny if you didn’t.”

Green and Moopay LTD supposedly found venture capitalist investors to keep the company afloat, according to his language as of late.

“Our platform remains available to anybody who wishes to withdraw from it. When we thought that we would have to close down for good, we made people aware so they could withdraw their funds in a timely fashion. We have now found a way to remain afloat, so people are trying whatever they can to try and keep us down.”

It is still unclear how the group on a recent BitcoinTalk forum preparing legal action against Green for locking their funds on MintPal will use this information.

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