Dogecoin Development Showing Real Potential for Growth with Dogewand

Kyle Torpey @kyletorpey
February 11, 2014
Dogecoin development is heating up with Dogewand.

If you were thinking that Dogecoin was going to fade away like most other memes, then you’ll be disappointed to hear about Dogewand. There is a large amount of actual development taking place in the Dogecoin community, and many newcomers to the cryptocurrency space are building their first apps on top of Dogecoin instead of Bitcoin. Dogecoiners know the selling point of Dogecoin, which is allowing people to easily tip each other across the Internet. There are now a few different projects working on the goal of bringing Dogecoin tips to pretty much every major social media site on the web. You will soon be able to send anyone on Facebook, YouTube, Imgur, and other sites some dogecoins instantly, even if they don’t already have a Dogecoin wallet. This could lead to further growth when it comes to people using dogecoins to send others financial upvotes and likes around the Internet.


The most interesting project for Dogecoin right now seems to be Dogewand. This plugin will allow anyone to send dogecoins to any social media user in the world, even if the receiver doesn’t have a Dogecoin wallet. Dogewand takes advantage of the fact that most social media sites now use Oauth 2.0, which means dogecoins can be sent to an account on Dogewand that hasn’t even been created yet. Once the dogecoins are sent, the YouTube, Facebook, or other social media user just needs to login to the Dogewand website with their social media account. It’s also nice to know Dogewand is being released under the MIT license. Wow. Such open source. Very free software.

Use the wand to select which user you wish to tip.

Sticking with Their Bread and Butter

Although many people look at Dogecoin as a joke, the strategy of sticking to what Dogecoin does best is actually a brilliant move. If the Dogecoin community can bring their tips out of Reddit and onto sites such as Facebook and YouTube, the potential for growth could be huge. Most Internet users understand that the stuff on Facebook is usually just a repost of something posted on Reddit a few weeks earlier, and it seems like that’s exactly what we could be dealing with when it comes to Dogecoin tips. It will be interesting to see how a more mainstream audience reacts once they start to see Dogecoin tips pop up on their pictures and status updates. If we’re about to see dogecoins expand to an even larger audience, then perhaps this really will become the de facto currency for Internet tips.

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