Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer To Leave Dogecoin Community; Calls it "Cult-Like"

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June 24, 2014 9:12 PM UTC

In an unexpected turn of events in the Dogecoin community, the creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer has decided unsubscribe from the Dogecoin subreddit. Through a public argument between himself and Alex Green, creator of the platform, over UltraPRO seeking trademark, Palmer has publicly shown intention to take a step back from the Dogecoin community due to the mass amount of internal issues brought to the public forum.

“Given that I just can’t be bothered dealing with the massive amounts of hate you’ve somehow had directed at me though, in the past 24 hours, I’m going to step back and let you run this community here on Reddit from now on, which you obviously own,” Palmer said to Green, “Unsubshibing. Peace.”
Green responded to this sentiment with anger, “Really? Are you going to respond with that? That is ridiculously childish. You’re being pissy because you no longer run the community. I never have, and I never will, and I will never want to. Personally, I will be very glad once you step back from this coin and let the community run it.”
Green also went on to add an edit, furthering his response to the statement, “No. It’s just that the community sides with us because we haven’t let them down. On the other hand, they seem to not agree with a number of your points and arguments.”
The Dogecoin subreddit is the main source of community within the digital currency. While they are stretched over many social media, Reddit has provided them a solid forum that contains a large majority of the community activity.
Prior to this, Palmer released the email correspondence between himself and Jay Kuo, General Manager of UltraPRO. The introduction of the email debunked any fear that Jackson had prior to the trademarking announcement.

From Jay Kuo
Hi Jackson,
No, we didn’t file a trademark with the intention of going after any existing vendors. One thing we learned was the value of a property can often be supported by uses outside of legal rights. We are, however, creating and selling products through a license of Kabosu’s image, and we needed a defining name for the product line, and ‘doge’ was the obvious choice.

Jackson’s unsubscribing statement arose after Green filed on opposition to UltraPRO trademarking the term Doge. “Unlike Jackson, I am not willing to sit back and have my customers and this community be at the mercy of Ultra Pro’s good will,” Green said, “Utter bullshit, and I would recommend that each and every one of you take that on board.”
Green spoke at length about his issues with select member of the Dogecoin community, along with his uneasy feeling by being attacked so often. Green has been the victim of public attacks by prominent members of the Dogecoin subreddit in the past, and has addressed his opposition swiftly each time.
“Just once, I would like to announce that we’re doing something to help the community, and not have a bunch of throwaways with obsessive stalking compulsions, try and convince the community that I am trying to eat a baby,” he said, “Just once, I would like prominent members actually try and reach out to us, as opposed to claiming I’m the second coming of Hitler. At the end of the day, our platform has been around for half a year now, and our core business is continuing to do well, and make our customers happy.”
Palmer ended his statements with one final goodbye response to Green, leaving the Dogecoin community to wonder how long their creator will take a step back.
“You’re way too trigger happy with your legal team nonsense, and it puts a real damper on any of the fun we used to have around here. Like I said, I’m stepping away from this sadly cult-like subreddit.”
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