doge4water dogecoin
Doge 4 Water met its goal early! Thank you, Hood, and everyone who gives to charities.

Doge4Water Meets Its Goal Early! Thanks to Mystery-Person

doge4water dogecoin

Doge 4 Water met its goal early! Thank you, Hood, and everyone who makes a difference.

A full week ahead of its self imposed deadline, the Doge-4-Water initiative met its fundraising goal of 40,000,000 DOGE (roughly $33,000 by today’s exchange rate).

Doge-4-Water is only one of many initiatives sponsored by The Dogecoin Foundation, a foundation conceived by the co-creators of Dogecoin to channel and protect the giving nature of the Dogecoin community.  The Dogecoin Foundation takes no fees or commissions from any of its sponsored charities; it merely acts as a middleman between worthy causes and generous Shibes (Dogecoin enthusiasts).

Doge 4 Water

Doge 4 Water is designed to build on the idea of Dogecoin faucets being pivotal within the Dogecoin ecosystem.  The project’s website explains (in Comic Sans, of course),

Many Dogecoin users receive their first coins from community faucets. Faucets are a way for the community to give back to new comers. […] We wondered if we could turn the fun of a faucet into an effort to raise money and awareness for those without clean drinking water.

The Dogecoin Foundation is working with the wonderful community to help provide water to people in need.

The funds raised will go to an eastern area of Kenya near the Tana river where locals walk for miles every day to retrieve a minimum amount of water.  At today’s exchange rate, the funds will buy two drilling wells,water access, and tools to retrieve and store water.

The deadline to meet the goal of 40,000,000 DOGE was set to be March 22nd, World Water Day, but it was reached early due to the generosity of the community, and one especially generous mystery-person.

Save Them, Hood!

Saturday evening, an account named “savethemhoodposted to the Dogecoin subreddit, “My name is Hood.  I’m here for you.”  The post promised,

I take from the greedy to feed and blanket the poor. I’m here today because I believe we are aligned. I’m here to redistribute millions of Doge, from the greedy, to you.

Post the comment below, “save them hood”, I will give you 10,000 doge. Help others, help yourselves. I will be back with more when I pry it from the greedy fingers of the rich and heartless.

Hood then proceeded to tip 2,410,000 DOGE to commenters, nearly $2,000, and finished the show by tipping 14,000,000 DOGE to the Doge4Water project via Twitter, putting the project over its goal.


Many people questioned whether the funds were stolen, as the “Robin Hood” persona would imply, but the mysterious benefactor insisted that none of the money was stolen.

No information is known about who Hood is, but speculation regarding Hood’s identity has been banned from the Dogecoin subreddit.

The Importance of Charity

Many may portray Dogecoin as the charitable cryptocurrency, but countless coins have had very successful charity initiatives.  Litecoin raised a sizable sum for the Go Vap orphanage in Vietnam.  Of course, there is Sean’s Outpost which accepts donations in many cryptocurrencies.  Charity is important for society, but for the cryptocurrency community specifically because it is a living demonstration of the fast and fluid nature of the technology.

Bitcoin is for speculators?  Watch me feed this homeless man.  Extreme volatility?  Perhaps, but it still provided water wells for an area of Kenya.  It is difficult for politicians to say cryptocurrency is for criminals while it supports orphans.

If demonstrating the flexible and borderless nature of cryptocurrency means giving it to help those who need help, then that is one more benefit of the technology.  Let’s just hope the drive for charity is an influence that remains in our community long after this early stage.