Doge4Nascar wants to have a Dogecoin NASCAR race car

March 21, 2014
This is what the Dogecar should look like, if enough Dogecoins are gathered through the Doge4Nascar project.

The Dogecoin community is on the hunt for another successful marketing campaign. After their efforts to get the Jamaican bobsled to the Winter Olympics and Doge4Water where they made an effort to get drinkable water to Kenya, Dogecoin enthusiasts are trying to get their very own Nascar race car on the tracks.

Josh Wise

Where else would this idea have originated from than Reddit. Redditor Dennis Pavel (u/unicorn_butt_sex at Reddit, no further explanation required there) started the whole project, after he saw similar efforts by Redditors to sponsor a NASCAR endeavor. He’s been investing into Dogecoin for a long time now and was well aware of the power that the community showed during their previous fundraising efforts. He pitched the idea of a car that would be driven by Josh Wise and sponsored by Dogecoin. Josh Wise is an American stock car driver. He currently competes in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, driving the No. 98 Chevrolet SS for Phil Parsons Racing. The idea was instantly embraced by fellow enthusiasts.

“It was massive. Everyone seemed so into it”, Pavel recalled. “I was happy to see it take off. That’s when I started to research.”

His research showed Pavel that Josh Wise was driving without a sponsor. He called up Phil Parson, the owner of Wise’s car, and asked about the possibility of a Dogecoin sponsorship. Parson was into the idea and told Pavel that it would cost $50,000 to fully wrap the car in Dogecoin graphics or $15,000 to cover just a single portion. With this information, the community knew what they were up against. To pull this off, they launched a YouCaring Fundraising site, a dedicated u/Reddit_Racing Reddit page and a dedicated Twitter account.

Fundraising started

Fundraising just opened and so far a total of 6043869.32697183 Dogecoins have been donated  with a total of 45,000,000 needed. As you can see, there’s still a long way to go until they manage to hit that $50,000 cost, but with the previous accomplishments in mind, it’s worth keeping an eye on this. If they succeed, you can rest assured it will gather lots of media attention all around the globe. The Dogecoin community may just hit a home-run again with this one. Worth mentioning is that the Dogecoin organization itself isn’t involved with the effort, but with all this free publicity it’s hard to believe they aren’t happy with the project.

The Dogecoin community already gathered enough money to send the Jamaican Bobsled Team to the Sochi Winter Olympics. With a mix of clever new internet mechanics and old school 90s nostalgia, they managed to convince a lot of people to open their hearts and donate to the cause. After this effort, the community felt they could go even further, and they started Doge4Water, a project to provide clean water in Kenya. This also got headlines in media all over the world, not in the least when an anonymous Twitter user donated $11,000

to the project in a single tweet. Let’s hope they can gather enough resources to go forward with this next project, as well. Seeing a Dogecoin NASCAR race car on the tracks must be as awesome as it sounds. Such NASCAR, much race, very doge!

You can track their efforts and donate yourself at .

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