The Doge4Nascar Dogecar is Ready for Talladega

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April 27, 2014 11:00 PM UTC

The front of the Dogecar

May 4th, the day the Dogecar debuts at the Aaron’s 499 race in Talladega, is just a week away! For those of you who need a backstory, Josh Wise, a NASCAR driver, will be competing at the Talladega Superspeedway. The Dogecoin community raised $55,000 in Dogecoin to sponsor Wise; Wise’s car, dubbed the ‘Dogecar’, will race with a custom Dogecoin-inspired wrap. The Dogecoin community has been rapidly making preparations, from preparing Dogecoin paper wallets to hand out at the race to rapidly voting for Wise to compete in two more races.

Dogecoin Community’s Devotion

Users of Dogecoin call each other ‘Shibes’, after the meme which Dogecoin is based on, which features the Shiba Inu breed of dog

[dropcap size=”small”]T[/dropcap]he community’s devotion to voting has not been hindered by NASCAR’s recent addition of a captcha in an attempt to prevent bots from voting. Shibes have taken to making fun of the restrictions, photoshopping in nearly impossible captchas.  For hardcore Dogecoin fans, the Doge4Nascar Dogecar will be available for them to race themselves on NASCAR ’14 for the Playstation 3.  The feature will be provided via a DLC package, and is part of the Dogecoin endorsement deal.

Perfect timing

The timing of the race is perfect:, the official Dogecoin website, just received a makeover from reddit user PowerLemons. The Dogecoin halving will also be occurring in the next 24 hours. The halving’s timing combined with Doge4Nascar will create a very interesting situation, and it’s exciting to see how it’ll turn out.

Car’s wrap completed

The side of the Dogecar

Phil Parsons Racing, the team that Josh Wise races under, recently tweeted a few pictures of the completed Dogecar!
The pictures have already amassed over 1,700 upvotes on reddit and 250 retweets on Twitter.  As usual, the Dogecoin spirit is shining through in the Digital Currency world.  Many are also applauding the Dogecoin designers’ choice of the words ‘digital currency’ instead of ‘virtual currency’, which has been the unfortunate choice of many United States government agencies, such as the IRS.

At Talladega

The back of the Dogecar

Several Shibes will be bringing a tent to Talladega in an effort to gain publicity for Dogecoin. Paper wallets will be handed out at the tent, and people will be there to answer NASCAR fans’ questions. Suggestions have also been made to sticky “Getting started” guides on the Dogecoin subreddit.  Even in the Bitcoin subreddit, the getting started guides and the side posts are becoming dated to some.
All in all, the Dogecoin community continues to get excited as May 4th comes closer. We’ll likely see updates from Shibes who head to the race, as well as see an influx of visitors to Dogecoin-related websites.  The hope, as Bitcoiners have always secretly admitted to themselves, is that Dogecoiners that wish to become more serious will soon find their way into /r/Bitcoin.  Any publicity is good publicity for Bitcoin and digital currencies.  It is a well deserved testament to our community that a well designed Shibe will now be chasing its exhaust fume tail around a track once more.

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