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Does Boosie Badazz Win Best – or Worst – Father of the Year Award?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
  • Boosie Badazz is in hot water again as the world reacts to news that he bought his teenage son a prostitute.
  • Twitter users are saying his actions are sexual assault, while teenage boys are probably just jealous.
  • Is Boosie a great father, or a terrible one?

Rapper Boosie Badazz is enraging the world once again. The controversial rapper is making headlines for giving his son some ‘gifts’ that many think he’s too young to receive.

In 2017, he promised his son a prostitute for his 14th birthday.  After the internet relentlessly attacked the rapper, he told TMZ that he was ‘clowning.’

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However, during a recent Instagram Live stream, he said he was not only paying for his son to get oral sex from a prostitute, but he was doing the same for his underage nephews as well.

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Twitter is outraged. 14-year-old boys across the country are probably jealous. Boosie Badazz doesn’t understand why. Who’s right in this strange situation?

The Son of Boosie Badazz Might Disagree With You

Boosie Badazz has outraged ‘woke’ Twitter once again. They’re claiming that his actions are sexual assault and rape.

Boosie Badazz
Source: Twitter 

But let’s play devil’s advocate just for the sake of hearing both sides.

While critics might be right in the sense that his son wasn’t legally of age to consent, most teenage boys would want nothing more than the type of gift Boosie was sending.

If his son were willing to engage, I would imagine he’d be upset about the internet stealing his ‘present.’ But let’s be real. That doesn’t make it okay. We can’t let 14-year-olds drive the bus.

What If Boosie’s Son Is Gay?

Boosie Badazz is a textbook example of homophobia. In his rant, he says he bought his son an iPhone 11 so he can watch porn.

That’s why they have iPhone 11s. They can watch as much porn as they want. It’s better than them watching cartoons with two men kissing.

He’s had strong feelings about other people’s children. In February, he ranted about Dwayne Wade’s decision to support his male-born child to identify as a female. Boosie was terrified Dwayne was going to let his child get a sex change operation, even though that option was never mentioned.

What is Boosie Badazz so afraid of? Is he worried that his son might be gay? Is that why he’s buying him female prostitutes? Obviously, if he is gay, then this is a horrendous act. Boosie Badazz would essentially be trying to send his son to conversion therapy camp, home school edition.

The troubling part is that even if he were gay, there’s little chance that his son would feel comfortable enough to tell his unhinged, homophobic father. He’d probably want to make daddy proud.

One thing is for sure — I bet he’d wish he had a father more like Dwayne Wade.

Source: Twitter 

What Message Is He Sending About Women?

Let’s say Boosie Badazz’s son is straight and eternally grateful for his father’s decision. If we assume no one was ‘hurt’ in this experience, we still can’t avoid problems.

Boosie Badazz is telling his teenage son that women exist for his sexual pleasure. They aren’t seen as equals. They’re seen as creatures that you can pay to satisfy your desires. I’d imagine Boosie won’t be buying his daughters a male prostitute when they come of age.

Will his son come to see consent as a monetary proposition?

After all, it wouldn’t be shocking to find out Boosie is pulling stunts like strictly for the money. He’s mostly washed-up as a rapper. He’s struggling to sell records. His dated style of southern gangster rap peaked decades ago with Master P and his No Limit soldiers.

He’s strictly become a media personality. Boosie Badazz is a shock-value entertainer. If he wants to keep staying relevant and making his money, he needs to keep saying ridiculous things.

Why else would he feel the need to share these stories with the world? Boosie Badazz is in it for the fame and, at the very least, he’ll abuse his family’s privacy to get there.

“Worst Father of the Year” might an overstep, considering that he appears to love his family, at least on Instagram. But Boosie Badazz has terrible, misguided ways of showing it.

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