Do Not Support Gamestop’s One Day Sale – They Don’t Deserve Our Money

GameStop is having a sale, so they’re really hoping that everyone has forgotten about that time they put people in danger for profit. Anyone with a conscience shouldn’t let them off the hook.


Getting a decent deal is not worth sacrificing your morals. | Image: rblfmr/

  • During the current COVID-19 pandemic, GameStop has come under fire for putting their employees and customers into harm’s way.
  • They’re now having a one-day sale event to entice customers.
  • If you want GameStop to know that what they did was wrong, you shouldn’t buy anything from them.

GameStop has shown its true colors during this pandemic. Instead of protecting their customers and employees, they dragged their feet for weeks. They endangered these people just to squeeze out a few extra bucks. Then they asked their employees to use the ‘very safe’ plastic bag strategy to protect against COVID-19.

The company is hoping that people will quickly forget about their terrible behavior. Their latest effort is a one-day sale event that offers some great discounts on different game systems and video games. But are these deals good enough to sell out your morals?

GameStop Sale - Wario64 Tweet
At the time of writing, no one on Wario 64’s tweet had anything to say about the terrible behavior GameStop has displayed. | Source: Twitter

Don’t Forgive GameStop For What They’ve Done

To be clear, some of these deals are pretty decent. You can pick up a second-hand PS4 Pro for under $270. But, don’t forget: no matter how good the deals are, that money will go to support a company that puts lives in danger to make money.

If you buy anything from that company, you’re supporting them in that decision. It’s like saying that you’re glad they were willing to risk the lives of you and their employees to make a quick buck.

The Worst Part Is That No One Seems to Care

This GameStop sale was brought to the internet’s attention thanks to Wario64 on Twitter. In the replies that tweet, no one seems to be bringing up all of the unconscionable things that GameStop did barely a week to two ago.

People were all up in arms; now, they seem to have amnesia. No wonder GameStop thinks they can get away with doing such awful things. Clearly, the internet has the attention span of a coked-up 4-year-old.

If you need to get games cheap, please look elsewhere. Most of the major storefront’s are running deals. Even deals this sweet cannot be worth dancing with the proverbial devil.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
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