Disney Plus Users Revolt but Investors Completely Ignore Streaming Flop

Disney did not adequately prepare for the launch of its streaming service and users were kicked off. Investors, however, didn't seem to mind. | Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP

  • Disney launched its much-hyped Disney+ streaming service today, but there was a technical glitch.
  • Investors were able to overlook the setback, sending DIS shares higher while Netflix was trading in the red.
  • Customers were less forgiving.

Investors must have not received the memo but the Disney+ launch was a total flop. Disney’s stock is rallying despite the fact that the users of the much-hyped new streaming service were greeted with a technical glitch.

Worse, customers in Puerto Rico will have to wait another week to even get the chance to access the streaming service. Hasn’t Puerto Rico been through enough?

Still, investors overlooked the technical issues, deciding the launch was a step in the right competitive direction and overall bullish for DIS stock. While Disney rallied, shares of Netflix were down fractionally today.

Disney stock rallies despite the streaming setback. | Source: TradingView

Here’s the thing. Disney says the reason for the outage was because of unprecedented demand. This has got to make Netflix feel very afraid and it explains why DIS investors are so bullish. They know if that if demand for Disney’s streaming service is so robust that it short circuits the servers, then subscriptions are going to translate into sales.

Customers Were Less Forgiving

Users were a bit less forgiving, using the opportunity to take jabs at Disney:

With #DisneyPlus, you too can stream all your favorite Disney titles, like “Content Not Available Right Now”, “Unable to Connect”, & “Please Try Again Later. 

Twitter user Jared says he works on TV shows and movies, so he must have been irate when he realized that he couldn’t do his job today.

Source: Twitter


The best response, however, had to have been by adventurist Josh Gates, who reminded his followers:

To those experiencing issues connecting to #DisneyPlus, you can try troubleshooting the problem by following these two steps: put some pants on and go outside. It’s noon on a Tuesday.


Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:15 PM

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