Digital Currency Group Is Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Flagship

October 12, 2014 03:00 UTC

Founder and CEO of SecondMarket Barry Silbert announced last July that he would be stepping down after nearly 11 years to focus solely on Bitcoin-related projects. Friday morning Silbert tweeted the name, Digital Currency Group (DGC). Marking its launch as an important step in separating his focus from SecondMarket.

Digital Currency Group is only the latest of Silbert’s Bitcoin ventures. Followers of the young cryptocurrency are certainly familiar with the other companies benefiting from his investments. Bitpay, Coinbase, Circle, Gyft and Kraken are among the 30+ companies to receive funds from Silbert’s Bitcoin Opportunity Fund.

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Silbert also backed the regulated New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinsetter. In an interview, New York Department of Financial Services Superintendent Ben Lawsky mentioned his willingness to work with regulators in an interview prior to Coinsetter’s launch.


Digital Currency Group Grows

Barry Silbert –

Joining Barry Silbert at Digital Currency Group is Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur and Bitcoin blogger Ryan Selkis, who goes by the pseudonym two-bit-idiot. Selkis made a mark last February, leaking the Mt-Gox Crisis Strategy on his blog. Selkis announced on his twitter account he would be joining Silbert at his new bitcoin-focused venture the week prior to Silbert announcing the name.

No formal announcements have come from Silbert on the direction he will be taking Digital Currency Group. Given his trading background and previous hints of being approached by high value Wall Street investors perhaps DGC will be part of his strategy for bringing those individuals onboard. Regardless, a quick glance into his portfolio reveals the difficulty in guessing what this top tier entrepreneur is planning.

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