Digital Currency Exchange mcxNOW Adds Dogecoin

Clay Michael Gillespie @thelivingaspect
June 10, 2014

Digital currency exchange mcxNOW has officially uploaded version 2.5 to their site. Among the long list of new features in this upgrade, the most crucial is the addition of Dogecoin: a long awaited and anticipated feature by mcxNOW users.

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[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]cxNOW claims now be the fastest DOGE exchange and pays an “interest rate” on DOGE deposits that fluctuates with trading volume. It offers custom databases, custom web server and a constantly running artificial intelligence on all users finances; all coded in C++. An interesting feature about mcxNow is that it pays users to keep their funds on their site, “By giving back 25% of the fees the exchange generates we pay you simply for having a positive balance here! Applies to all currencies,” the site says.

“There is a separate calculation for each currency,” mcxNow explains, “If you deposit Litecoin, for example, you will only gain interest on the Litecoin fees generated. Keep in mind that all coins are paired with Bitcoin on the exchange, so every trade generates Bitcoin fees.”

When announced on the Dogecoin subreddit, it was met with positive response and testimonials. “I started using mcxNOW from day one. I was, and I am still, amazed by the speed of the exchange. The design is really good too,” a Dogecoin user said in response to the news. Among the list of new improvements to version 2.5 are a new withdrawl system, a new frontpage design that shows all coins info clear and an overall new site look. Trade history has been extended to 100 instead of the previous 40, and the developers have works on many backend improvements to reduce memory consumption and increase performance.

“Unlike other exchanges, like Bitstamp, we only charge a flat 0.25% fee for trades. We aren’t greedy,” the site says under the information about trading fees.

Another interesting feature is that mcxNOW pays you to take part in the conversation. They have a chat box, commonly referred to as a “troll box”, and they pay you for simply using it.

mcxNOW Background

McxNOW began running on April 27, 2013 and became the world’s first C++ exchange. It allows the exchange of MinCoin to Bitcoin, and added Litecoin shortly after. The exchange was met with positive regards all over. “I’m using this site for more than a month now, and I’m blow away by the quality of the work done,” a user said a few months after mcxNOW was up and running.

“The entire exchange is coded in C++, with the entire site cached in RAM,” mcxNOW explains, “The downside is it may not look as pretty.”

McxNOW was one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges when it first was founded, but temporarily suspended trading due to a high volume of customer problems. When it relaunched, founder RealSolid came under scrutiny for not adding Dogecoin, one of the currently most traded altcoins, to the exchange. While mcxNOW has had an interesting past as well, most often referenced is RealSolid’s off-putting personality. Hopefully this signals a change of pace. With this update, it seems as though mcxNOW has had a change of heart. Time will tell.

Disclaimer: I do hold some Dogecoin. Featured image by Shutterstock.

Clay Michael Gillespie @thelivingaspect

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