Did Microsoft Just Accidentally Reveal Xbox Series X Release Date?

Microsoft reveals the Xbox Series X release date on its site, before backtracking and saying the console will be available in holiday 2020.

Xbox Series X release date

Microsoft needs to stick to a release date for Xbox Series X and tell its fans. | Source: Xbox/Microsoft

  • Official Xbox sites reveal the Xbox Series X release date.
  • Some sites confirmed that the console would be available in “Thanksgiving 2020,” while others just said “Holiday 2020”.
  • However, Microsoft backtracked, keeping to the holiday 2020 release date.

Xbox fans were excited when local sites for the UK, Australia, and India said that the Xbox Series X release date is “Thanksgiving 2020”. That means that the console would be released on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

Microsoft Denies Xbox Series X Release Date Leak

However, Xbox Live director of programming, Larry Hryb tweeted a backtracking response. “We are committed to launching Holiday 2020,” said Hryb. Xbox confirmed that the Xbox Series X would be available in holiday 2020 when it revealed the console at E3 2019.

Many fans are saying the same thing about Hryb’s tweet. Thanksgiving is a holiday, and so Thanksgiving 2020 could be the Xbox Series X release date.

Xbox Series X release date tweet
Source: Twitter

Microsoft likely wanted to keep the release date announcement for a bigger event, such as E3 2020. It probably didn’t want to confirm the release date with an updated site on the day that Sony also announced the PS5 specs.

Fans Frustrated Over No Xbox Series X Launch Information

Xbox Series X release date
Source: Microsoft

The release date confirmation may not have been part of Microsoft’s plans, but the decision to backtrack is just frustrating for fans. Fans want this information so they can choose which console they are buying and decide if they’re going to buy a console this year.

Sony has been criticized for not giving fans more information about the PS5. Microsoft has revealed much more about the Xbox Series X, but that doesn’t mean that fans are happy. Many want the company to confirm the release date and price, but it seems like Microsoft won’t give them that information anytime soon.

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