Did Danuel House Jr. Get Caught Cheating in the Worst Possible Way?

Danuel House Jr. is getting caught up in a mess in the NBA bubble, and it might affect more than just his teammates.
Danuel House Jr
Danuel House Jr. has some explaining to do. | Source: Kevin C. Cox/Pool Photo via AP
  • Houston Rockets forward Danuel House Jr. will miss game 4.
  • He’s being investigated for allegedly breaking safety protocol of the NBA Bubble.
  • We knew the Bubble would wear on some people; we just didn’t know how.

Danuel House Jr. is an integral part of the Rockets gameplan. That gameplan will be altered on Thursday because House Jr. had a gameplan of his own.

And it did not involve the Rockets.

It allegedly involved a woman in his bedroom.

Adrian Wojnarowski
Woj drops the ultimate bomb. | Source: Twitter

The NBA Investigates Danuel House Jr.

House will be out of Thursday night’s matchup against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA investigates his conduct.

According to the NBA’s guidelines:

Failure to cooperate in full, or interfering in any manner, with an NBA investigation in connection with these Protocols may subject the non-cooperative individual to discipline.

According to some reports, House had snuck an Instagram model into his room.

If that’s true, House will not only miss several crucial playoff games, but he’ll have potentially been caught cheating in the worst possible way.

Watch Steven A. Smith predict this scenario months ago:

If the Allegations Are True, Is House a Cheater?

To be abundantly clear, we don’t know for sure if Danuel House Jr. snuck a woman into his bedroom. Further, we do not know if she was an Instagram model. On top of that, it’s not abundantly clear if he’s in a relationship.

But, if all of those things are true, boy, is this an unfortunate situation.

We do know that House has three children, and he posted a photo with them and their mother on his Instagram for Mother’s Day this year.

Danuel House
This looks like a happy family. | Source: Instagram

It seems unlikely that House would’ve posted this photo if he wasn’t still with the mother of his children. But stranger things have happened.

In fairness, that post was from 17 weeks ago, and we don’t know what’s happened since then. Plus, it’s not like celebrities haven’t engaged in open-relationships before.

It would take a lot of assumptions to conclude that the NBA outed Danuel House Jr. as a cheater, but then again, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time an NBA player has been unfaithful.

Getting caught and outed, by the NBA, though? That’s an honor only Danuel House Jr. could potentially hold.

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