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‘Devastated’ Emily Ratajkowski Needs to Grow up – Bernie Had No Chance

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
  • Model Emily Ratajkowski dumped her feelings about Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race today.
  • She said she was “hopeless and devastated.”
  • Maybe if she supported Bernie when he needed it most, instead of posting semi-nude photos, he would’ve had a chance.

Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race today. Supermodel and ‘influencer’ Emily Ratajkowski took to Twitter today to dump her feelings about it.

Emily Rataj
Let’s all cry for the supermodel. | Source: Twitter 

She said she was and “hopeless and devastated and powerless.” While I, too, would pick Bernie Sanders over ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden, I wasn’t foolish enough to believe in the DNC.

Maybe Emily Ratajkowski Should’ve Done a Little More ‘Influencing’

I can understand Emily Ratajkowski’s feelings of hopelessness. We are once again stuck between a rock and a dumb place, with two terrible presidential candidates.

Emily has made her feelings about Bernie Sanders relatively visible in past months, but not nearly as visible as her body. When Bernie’s campaign was flashing red alert signals for help, where was Emily? Oh, that’s right, posting semi-nude photos with a dog.

Emily Ratajkowski
I wonder many voters were influenced by this post. | Source: Instagram 

How about today, when Bernie Sanders announced he would drop out? Emily gives us a somber photo of her butt.

Emily Ratajkowski
You’ve captured the feelings of a generation, Em. | Source: Instagram 

Great work, Emily Ratajkowski. She posted this photo of her bum literally minutes after she said she was “devastated.” She’s clearly not heartbroken enough to stop stimulating her thirsty followers.

She’s had a history of trying to get her point while promoting herself. This, naturally, ruins the message. And unfortunately, most people aren’t following her for her opinions, just like people don’t subscribe to Playboy for the articles.

Piers Morgan
It’s hard to agree with Piers Morgan, but a good point is a good point. | Source: Twitter 

Bernie Sanders Never Had a Chance Against Joe Biden

Sad as it is for Emily Ratajkowski, Bernie Sanders’ bid was hopeless from the start. As the world shifts rapidly around us, some things never change. The DNC yet again seems dead-set on losing to Donald Trump.

Joe Biden doesn’t stand much a chance against Trump. As he seems to lose cognitive function rapidly, Trump only seems to be gaining power. Can you imagine these two in a debate? Trump is already gloating and trying to steal Bernie’s followers.

Source: Twitter 

To make matters worse, influencers like Joe Rogan, who influence people’s thoughts instead of their body parts, have already started trashing Joe Biden.

Just like Hilary Clinton in 2016, the DNC is trotting out another hopeless candidate.  Why did Emily Ratajkowski think this time would be any different?

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