Despite Looming BitLicense, New Bitcoin ATM Arrives in NYC Thanks to PYC

October 19, 2014 21:45 UTC

PYC, a Bitcoin ATM service operator based in New York and founded by Emilio Pagan-Yourno and Julio Enrique Cabrera, has been building Bitcoin adoption in their home state the best way they know how. This past Friday, PYC announced their 3rd Bitcoin ATM in New York, their second in Manhattan. The new Bitcoin ATM, a Lamassu one-way, is located at Crispín’s on 10th Avenue and 52nd Street.

Crispín’s offers pasta, meats, seafood, and lots of wine. The addition of a Bitcoin ATM to the restaurant is just their newest step in embracing both Bitcoin and the Bitcoin community. PYC co-founder Emilio commented:

Crispín’s is a great restaurant. I was not surprised to hear they accept Bitcoin.

Now, Crispín’s joins a short list of locations around the world where Bitcoin tourists can visit and both buy and spend Bitcoin. Hopefully, in the future, PYC’s ATMs will be upgraded to two-way functionality, something that Lamassu has made available amid much demand.

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PYC Brings Bitcoin to NYC

PYC first launched the first Bitcoin ATM in New York state in the capital of Albany back in June of this year. That Bitcoin ATM is available for use at CoffeeTime@HellasBakery (CT@HB). Soon after, the PYC team launched a Bitcoin ATM within New York City limits, a milestone achievement for the Bitcoin community as a whole. That Bitcoin ATM is available for use at FLAT 128 in Manhattan. FLAT 128 offers a 10% discount to orders paid in Bitcoin, another crucial step in Bitcoin adoption and something that all Bitcoin accepting merchants should consider offering. PYC has also worked with other Bitcoin ATM manufacturers other than Lamassu, including Skyhook, and will be offering whatever hardware is best for their customers. Around the country, Bitcoin ATM service operators are bridging the gap between Bitcoin ATM manufacturers, who sometimes have disconnect with their customers, and local communities.

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