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Desperate Ellen DeGeneres Does Her Best Oprah to Stay Relevant

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
Bernadette Giacomazzo
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:01 PM
  • Ellen DeGeneres is getting her own network.
  • She’s filling the lineup with influencers.
  • She’s desperate to stay relevant.

Amidst rumors of her show being canceled, Ellen DeGeneres makes yet another bid for relevancy.

This time, it’s with news about the Ellen Digital Network . (EDN)

ellen degeneres canceled
Ellen’s own network needs television shows. Any television show. | Source: REUTERS/Mike Blake

DeGeneres is handing out shows to influencers like they’re candy.

But is this really necessary?

Is This Because Ellen DeGeneres’ Show Is Being Canceled?

We’ve previously told you that Ellen DeGeneres’s show is slipping in the ratings. And, if this trend continues, she will be out a show.

That hasn’t stopped Warner Brothers from teaming up with her to offer us all a “digital network.” And one of her first announcements was that she was giving vegan influencer Tabitha Brown a show .

Brown’s new All Love web show is slated for release during EDN’s 2020 programming schedule and will feature the viral sensation giving advice on cooking, parenting, social media, and self-care. After using her love for vegan food as a vehicle to gain fame via the exponentially popular Tik Tok video app, Brown, 41, was able to attain representation from Creative Arts Agency (CAA), joining an agency that counts Beyoncé, Will Smith, NBA star Zion Williamson and Trevor Noah among its star-studded clients.

Granted, Brown is pretty awesome. But Ellen DeGeneres is, decidedly, not.

History Repeats Itself

Warner Media Group initially announced the creation of the Ellen Digital Network all the way back in 2016 . And while the addition of Brown to the lineup is, as was said before, great, the other shows were decidedly not so great.

Ashley Graham had a show. “The Cousins” — who got sued out of existence on HGTV  — had a show. And for some reason, Ellen’s resident DJ had a show.

None of these shows ever created a hit for any of its “stars.” It certainly didn’t do any favors for Ellen DeGeneres.

She only wants us to care now because she’s desperate to be relevant again.

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