DeepBrain Designs AI Product Licensed for Disney's Mickey Mouse Among Other Smart Toy Partners for Its First Project on the DeepBrain Chain

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Recently, the esp32 core board designed by DeepBrain and its partner Espressif has officially launched. The esp32, an important part of artificial intelligence products, has been used in story machines, robots, candy dolls, plush toys and other fields. The product supported by the DeepBrain Cloud Brain technology will go to mass production and will be another innovation of children's smart toys.

DeepBrain, the first domestic robot SaaS platform, has provided the hardware for the AI man-machine dialogue engine, the robot function set up, refined big data analysis, and family interactive service. DeepBrain's consumer robotic Saas service will be free to its core customers.

DeepBrain will be the first AI project to run on the DeepBrain Chain. DeepBrain Chain is the world's first and only blockchain-based artificial intelligence computing platform that helps global AI companies solve industry pain points: reduce computer costs and protect the data privacy.

From 2012 to 2016, there were more than 5,000 newly established AI companies in the world with a total of more than 20 billion US dollars of financing, of which 10% to 30% of the financing has been invested into the cost of computing. The large expenses in the GPU, FPGA and other hardware resources are a huge burden for the companies.

Presently, there is a big problem with artificial intelligence data for the entire industry. It is technically impossible to separate the ownership with the usage right. Businesses need to buy data from third-party agencies for training, which means there may be a resale of data in a secondary market along with the risk of privacy breaches.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Nodes in DeepBrain Chain (DBC) are made up of a variety of modalities, and deployment of these nodes to the platform enables AI organizations to reduce their hardware costs by as much as 70%. At the same time, the platform algorithms are fixed and unchangeable through smart contracts, effectively avoiding potential privacy risks for the business when applying the data.

The cooperation with Espressif esp32 core board is a step forward for AI in the blockchain industry. DeepBrain will run on the DeepBrain Chain, demonstrating the feasibility of the DeepBrain chain (DBC) for AI + blockchain. Blockchain technology is considered the core technology of the next generation after the steam engine, power and Internet.

DeepBrain has organized meetups in Dublin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Silicon Valley along with other countries and regions in order to share their platform to the global artificial intelligence community.

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