DeepBrain Chain Impresses at Neo Roadshow

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November 27th 2017, Core Members of DeepBrain Chain were invited by NEO foundation to be a speaker on one of their roadshows. This roadshow was in New York, and over 200 financial and blockchain experts attended, and witnessed DeepBrain Chain, world’s first integration of AI and blockchain technology’s first ever international roadshow.

During the speech, CEO Yong He presented DeepBrain Chain on an international stage. DeepBrain Chain, being a part of NEO’s ecosystem, is an artificial intelligence computing platform driving by blockchain technology. Our main focus is to reduce computational cost, and enhance data privacy. DeepBrain Chain has already secured over 32 million RMB during their angel funding round.

DeepBrain Chain CEO Yong He also shared that, artificial intelligence is a huge data consumption monster. Everything from data origin, quality, and privacy issues are of upmost importance and what DeepBrain Chain is trying to solve. Blockchain technology and smart contracts are able to solve said issues by physically separating data sellers, purchasers and computing nodes. We then can effectively separate data ownership and it’s privacy rights in order to protect data from being resold or continuously exposed to third parties. By having our computing nodes on the blockchain can greatly reduce the cost in which to operate an AI system, and also enhance its computing power, thus lowering the bar in which enterprises need to make use of artificial intelligence.

“In the future, every company will have a use case for artificial intelligence” – Yong He, CEO of DeepBrain Chain

Yong He, CEO of Deepbrain Chain also stated that, there’s a likelihood that once the barrier of integrating AI technology has lowered due to integrating of blockchain technology along with AI tech, most if not all companies will have an use case and will integrate artificial intelligence to their products, and further develop DeepBrain Chain community. 

First on the right – Yong He, CEO of DeepBrain Chain. Second on the right – Da Hong Fei, co-founder of NEO

That very night, CEO He Yong and other guests, including NEO’s co-founder Da Hong Fei, Team from Qlink, Alpha Cat, and others attended a dinner event together to further discuss the future of blockchain technology. Over the following months, DeepBrain Chain will travel globally to meet people in the blockchain space, finance space, KOLs, and entrepreneurs from each region and further enrich each others understanding of AI, and blockchain technology.

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