Deckbound: A Competitive Card Game Based On The Bitcoin Blockchain

Drew Cordell (@DrewjCordell) @DrewjCordell
5 years ago

Deckbound is a series of upcoming collectible card games that will feature cards backed by transactions on Bitcoin’s Blockchain; each unique card will be assigned a specific transaction on the Blockchain. Because each card is simply a transaction on the Blockchain, players will have a free market to buy, sell, and trade their collection of Deckbound cards. The game will play like a strategy card game such as Magic The Gathering, and Hearthstone, both of which I am a seasoned player that plays competitively. Strategy card games involve constructing your deck out of desired cards, and out playing your opponent and accomplishing a goal. Both players will have the same goal, but there are many different ways to try to go about that goal. Games like MTG and Hearthstone have several archetypes of decks that seek to defeat their opponents with a unique style of play. Deckbound will likely have many similar mechanics and many new ones.


Because the cards will be unique and can be traded between players, the card brings in aspects of both digital and analog card games. I got a chance to interview the lead developer of Deckbound, Gareth, about the game:

What is Deckbound?

Deckbound is a set of collectible trading card games and supporting services where every card is based on a Bitcoin transaction, and can be traded, levelled up and tracked across the blockchain.

What inspired you to create Deckbound?

Primarily frustration with not being able to explore traditional “analog” collectible card games in the digital space, but also my enthusiasm for blockchain-based applications, especially things that can leverage the unique and immutable nature and history of transactions.

What sets Deckbound apart from other Card Games?

That it leverages the best of both the digital and analog collectible card game spaces: the versatility and availability of digital cards, along with the permanence and tradability of analog cards.

How will Deckbound be played?

The first Deckbound game, Deckbound: Heroes is a browser-based game. Deckbound: Land Grab is also currently being tested as a browser-based game, and the third, as yet unannounced, game is a real time game that can be played on desktop (PC, Mac and possibly Linux) computers.

Will Deckbound feature art work?

Yes, we’re exploring options for this — both procedurally generated “themed” art, as well as community contributions. We’ll launch with some commissioned work but hope to get the community involved in this process as soon as possible.

When is Deckbound set to be launched?

Heroes is launching in a limited test Alpha in September, and see a general release as soon after that as possible. We will be iterating on all Deckbound games throughout their lifetime, and consider them to be part of a modern set of evolving games (as opposed to traditional versioned titles).

What are your goals for Deckbound after launch?

Between the three games planned and the supporting services and features we’re pretty clear on where the next couple of years takes us — but as above we are clear that these are all evolving products that we’ll iterate on continually. We’re looking forward to getting feedback and working with the community.


Deckbound seems like a unique game, and it is certainly the first card game to include the Blockchain as the main mechanic of card generation. Deckbound’s alpha testing is set for September. For more information about the game and the testing head on over to the Deckbound website.

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