storj betaThe Storj website got an overhaul and now you can apply for early beta access to their platform. Storj is an amazing new decentralized storage service where you can pimp out your hard drive for SJCX (Storjcoin X) or claim your encrypted storage space in the decentralized cloud. You may apply for early beta access today if you meet the requirements of one of three of their test groups.

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Storj Early Beta Access

There are three test groups open to you. If you qualify for a test-group, you’ll have access to decentralized cloud space instantly before anyone else. The catch? Beta access is a time-tested approach to securing and stabilizing a new service. That means you’ll probably experience minor hiccups along the way, so don’t trust critical documents or other important data to residing only on the cloud until you feel comfortable with the stability of the platform.

Test Group A

To qualify, you must hold over 10,000 SJCX from the Storj crowdsale. 10,000 STJC is a bit under 0.5BTC in today’s market according to the Melotic exchange. You will not receive compensation for loaning out your hard drive space. This group fearlessly offers their hard drive space as a gift to the project in order to improve the project for everyone. As a bonus, you’ll gain access before any other group as you’ll have access in late 2014. If you were part of the croudsale, but you don’t have 10,000 SJCX, you can top up your balance on that address in order to qualify for “Test Group A.”

Test Group B

If you participated in the crowdsale, you’re afforded a caveat of having an in as a “Test Group B” participant regardless of how much you’ve purchased. You will receive compensation for pimping out your hard drive space, but you’ll have to wait until early 2015 for access to the beta program.

Test Group C

If you own 10,000 SJCX or more, you’re invited to be an exclusive “Test Group C” participant. If you need to purchase 10,000 SJCX, Melotic, Poloniex, and Counterwallet offer markets for SJCX. You will receive compensation for your hard drive space, and you’ll have access to the beta program in early 2015.


Each group has its exciting caveats, and the beautiful thing is that the NSA can’t even touch your stuff. The NSA is paying billions of dollars to invade your privacy. Recently they’ve forced the RSA to include a backdoor through the use of the Duel Elliptic Curve algorithm, Storj offers solutions that empower you to control your data security. You might not have anything to hide, but the person who had their insurance rate-jacked by the insurance company’s spies plowing through their credit reports and IRS files didn’t think he had anything to hide either. Don’t be a victim by allowing others to spy on you. Stay anonymous.

What do you think of Storj? Is Storj a revolutionary new service that will instantly put you in control of your security and finally give you the privacy that you deserve? Do you think Storj has too much risk involved to be worth the effort? Will you participate in the early beta access program? What motivations do you have to participate? Tell us what you think about Storj.

Disclosure: I’m subscribed to the Storj mailing list, but I won’t be taking part in the early beta access due to financial constraints as I’m building a new Bitcoin related business.

Photo courtesy of Storj