Decentralized Marketplace for IoT Sensor Data Launched by DataBroker DAO as It Attends Expos Worldwide

October 22, 2018 15:48 UTC

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From smart appliances to mobiles, hundreds of thousands of devices today collect and generate useful data. A smart refrigerator can tell its owner if he or she is low on eggs and even order them; mobiles are using positioning hardware and software for navigation; even cars collect data just like aeroplane black boxes do. This data has a lot of value for big organizations and researchers.

DataBroker DAO is a decentralized platform that intends to break down the walls of data silos, give power back to the true owners of the data and help them capitalize on it.

DataBroker DAO’s Marketplace

With an estimated 33 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices being used by 2019, the market for its data their huge. Normally, organizations looking for such data turn towards big data companies. These companies, in turn, collect data from hundreds of thousands of people through different means, much to the ignorance of the data generators themselves.

Disrupting this huge untapped market, DataBroker DAO’s Marketplace creates an environment where the IoT device owners can sell their data directly to organizations looking for it. With big data companies no longer acting as intermediaries (or owning the data), this means a significant drop in data acquisition cost for organizations looking for first-hand, quality data.

For sellers, be it organizations or individuals, this also means that they can, for the first time, actually earn money from the data they generate. Not only can they place a price tag on their own data, but they can actually decide what and how much data to sell.

Based on blockchain technology, DataBroker DAO offers other benefits such as data security, speedy and low transaction costs through its in-house ERC20-compliant DTX tokens. The decentralized nature of blockchain is what gives DataBroker DAO its biggest advantage compared to the current market: the elimination of intermediaries who ask high commissions for providing data that is not even theirs in the first place.

International Presence

DataBroker DAO’s market is a global one and as such, the company is making its presence felt internationally. It has already attended the Smart Island World Congress, an event that hosted experts from around the world to discuss the challenges faced by island nations and how to manage their waste products through IoT devices.

DataBroker DAO will also be attending the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. The two-day event will be held on November (13th to 15th). With thousands of visitors and hundreds of speakers and other exhibitors expected, DataBroker DAO will showcase how IoT devices in smart cities can help their owners collect and monetize the data. This allows them greater financial freedom and gives data seekers access to data that would otherwise be too expensive on current markets or not available at all.

With the IoT sector expanding at an unprecedented rate, the time is ripe to exploit this industry and bring data generators and seekers together in an efficient manner. DataBroker DAO, with its marketplace now live, has begun the revolution and is actively participating in different expos to make people aware of the $80 billion USD market.

For more information on the data marketplace, visit their website:

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