Decentralized Gaming Blockchain, Which Will Allow Any Player to Earn in the Gaming Industry

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A decentralized blockchain exchange platform that helps gamers to earn, and helps game developers to increase game monetization through the release and trade of F2P game tokens, has announced the launch of Pre-ICO.

According to the founders of the project, crowdfunding campaign will help raise the turnout capital to create their own blockchain, the mining pool, the internal exchange system, and will also provide the subsequent support to integrate each cryptocurrency asset into external exchanges and into infrastructures of games participating in the Totum ecosystem.

The project already has $ 160,000 of its own resources invested.

The uniqueness of the Totum project

Totum is an innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies and online gaming. It is a platform that allows online gamers to enjoy the game and make money.

“We have created Totum to change the current system of crypto monetization. We do not provide the site to one exclusive product or developer but offer it to an infinite number of game enthusiasts and developers for mutually beneficial cooperation. With our API system, any platform can quickly integrate the reception and output of cryptocurrency without any additional costs”

More details about TOTUM – on the official website

The purpose of the TOTUM project

Decentralized blockchain exchange platform focusing on issuing/trading custom F2P gaming tokens that might be used for procurement of in-game items or for exchange to other crypto assets.

Unite all online games based on the platform, to make the withdrawal and input of money into the game more simple and user-friendly, and most important, to let people earn from it.

Advantages of TOTUM

TOTUM-WIN for gamers

– It allows you to monetize your time and activity in the game, turning your playing time into a liquid crypto asset.

– Provides transfer of the game balance from one game to another, without wasting time and money.

– You can take advantage of all the possibilities of the blockchain technology to earn money on its own cryptocurrency, without transaction losses and risks of hacking.

TOTUM-WIN for game developers

– Helps to increase the cash flow and monetize your game, increasing the number of users who pay.

– You can take advantage of all the possibilities of the blockchain technology to earn money on its own cryptocurrency protected from volatility and transaction losses of traditional ECH/BTC blockchain systems.

According to the poll among gamers, conducted by Totum company, (230 people, geography: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, China), 83% of respondents would start playing a new game if they had the opportunity to monetize their playing time.

TOTUM for miners

– No limitations for mining mean stimulation of the currency to make it appreciated and attractive for investment on a regular basis.

– Your personal data will remain your own, so that you can focus on the most important thing, your earnings.

TOTUM Wallet and API Nodes

The Totum wallet is a secure wallet that stores data on user payments and passwords for various in-game purchases. Such systems are designed for storing and using cryptocurrency (tokens and Totum coins). With Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Totum wallets can be used for transactions simply and safely. Users can create secure passwords without having to save and remember them. A mobile wallet will allow users to pay for their purchases directly from smartphones. The Totum wallet can store digital coupons and loyalty cards, too.

API nodes are key integration points for game developers and can be run by anyone who wants to get direct API access to Totum coins and tokens.

ICO parameters

The only official and authorized Crowdfunding website URL operated by TOTUM Project is

ICO start date: December 15, 2017 12:00 UTC

ICO end date: January 31, 2018 12:00 UTC

Tokens to be issued: 15,000,000

Exchange rate: 1 TOTUM – ETH 0.0033

Minimum transaction amount: 10 TOTUM (ETH 0.033)

Maximum transaction amount: 100,000 TOTUM (ETH 333)

Bonuses: during the first two days, participants will receive a 20% bonus

Bounty: 5% of sold tokens

Total sales target: ETH 49,500

Minimum sales target: ETH 3,300

Rules of tokens issue and distribution

– Participants will be able to access up to 88% (13,200,000 tokens).

– 7% (1,050,000 tokens) will be distributed among project team.

– The number of tokens issued is limited to 15,000,000.

– Additional emissions are not provided, tokens that will not be redeemed will be burned.

After the ICO, company is planning to distribute the funds according to their token distribution plan. Of the funds received after the ICO: 50% will go to create and develop a gaming platform, 30% for further promotion of the project, 15% will be kept in the contingency fund. The remaining 5% will be distributed for operating expenses.

The company can predict that thousands of miners will join their cryptocurrency project after they launch their platform against the background of their promotion campaign, which will ensure stable and uninterrupted network operation.

Totum has already entered into some agreements related to application of their technology with more than 30 game developers, which will positively affect the growth of their cryptocurrency exchange rate.

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