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September 15, 2015 12:40 PM UTC

Decentralized Dance Party Taps Bitcoin, Social Media, and Crowdfunding to Restore The Soul and Bring Peace

You’ve heard of open source networks. Now get ready for “Open Source Partying,” courtesy of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party. Partying is nothing new, but the power of social media, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency are making it happen in a new way. And the cryptocurrency…

You’ve heard of open source networks. Now get ready for “Open Source Partying,” courtesy of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party.

Partying is nothing new, but the power of social media, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency are making it happen in a new way. And the cryptocurrency evangelist Drew Glover, AKA Tom, happens to run BitNational, Canada’s largest bitcoin ATM network.

This week, they have expanded beyond their foundation in North America and are on their way to fulfilling a European tour starting Sept. 17, 2015, in London, England.

Crowdfunding Will Launch Europe Tour

After receiving nearly 75 percent of their crowdfunding for the tour via bitcoin and Dogecoin on, a crypto-specific crowdfunding site, DDP has Party Safari 2015 crowdfunding well within their sights.

All previous tours were funded on Kickstarter. “The European tour is our first tour using, as we obviously love cryptocurrency, and we thank the lovely folks at for being so accommodating to fundraisers around the world for this,” Glover told CCN.

According to at the time of writing, the DDP European tour has received 55 percent of its necessary funding and has 17 days left. The tour will cover London, Paris, Berlin, Turin, Venice and Athens.

Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party, also known as The Party Revolution, is a plan to restore the soul and ensure that partying “is respected, legitimized and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance,” according to the DDP website.

From time immemorial, human beings have gathered at night to sing and dance and celebrate life; to share music and laughter and set their spirits free. But over time, public life became regulated and commodified. Traditions were lost, and the soul of partying faded – Gary Lachance, the founding father of the DDP, told CCN.

Public Response Drives DDP’S Growth

The Vancouver duo thought that invading the streets with thousands of synchronized boomboxes would be the coolest thing ever. Little did they know when they launched their first party five years ago that it would grow from 20 to 20,000 participants in six months.
DDP attendance mushroomed during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. People from all walks of life came with elaborate costumes, organized epic dance routines, and built portable light shows, fog machines and sound systems.

Tom and Gary began organizing Facebook events across Canada with no clue if it would work. The overwhelming response forced them to rent a huge RV, fill it with 200 boomboxes, six friends wearing banana suits, and embark on the first “Party Safari” adventure.

They’ve since shared the DDP with over 30 major North American cities – eight in Canada and 22 in the U.S. – getting the word out via social media.

Despite the high-intensity atmosphere of the events, there have not been any violence or problems with law enforcement to date.

‘Seven Commandments Of Successful Partying’

In early 2011, they released “The Party Manifesto AKA The Seven Commandments Of Successful Partying.” These commandments address clothing, props, music, dancing, behavior, location/atmosphere and alcohol.

The DDP is powered exclusively by hundreds of synchronized boomboxes, all tuned to the DJ’s custom-built FM radio transmitter backpack. This creates a massive roving street party that rages for hours; a “Flashmob 2.0” promoted and powered by social media.

Next Phase: A Movie Documentary

As plans progress, the next phase, after Party Safari 2015 in Europe, is to produce a movie. The movie will be called: “Another Night, Another Dream,” chronicling the rise of the DDP and the development of its philosophy.

They previously raised over $26,000 on Kickstarter for the movie, which is the minimum funding required to revamp the website, film interviews, cover post-production costs, and provide food and shelter for six months to create a film.

The parties take place in public spaces and people of every age, background and lifestyle are welcome to join. “Together, we create what is certainly the most inclusive Party possible,” says Lachance.

The other key distinction is that the participants are the entertainers.

“Although DDPs often appear strikingly similar to riots, by controlling the crowds with upbeat music and promoting a positive, open atmosphere, we are able to consistently soothe the savage beast,” the website notes.

The plan is to deliver the DDP to every country, including all regions of strife and division, inspiring everyone to come together and peacefully celebrate life and freedom.

Tom and Gary and their “Elite Banana Task Force” will parachute into each country, equipped with one boombox each and a radio transmitter. They will have 10 days to build or acquire as many boomboxes as possible, promote the party, scout the route, win over the local authorities, and throw the party, which will be documented and filmed for all to see the progression.

A Historic Event In The Making?

The Party Revolution will culminate in a simultaneous global dance party and create a crazy night of global unity reminiscent of the World War I Christmas Truce, when 100,000 British and German soldiers laid down their arms and joined in a spontaneous celebration.

All are invited. Here are the Facebook events for:

Paris, Berlin, Turin, Venice, Athens, and London.

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