Decentralised Payment Gateway ErosCoin Set to Launch ICO This October

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Blockchain-based payment gateways are moving full-steam ahead. Set to launch its ICO on Oct. 11 and start its presale in less than a week, ErosCoin rises above the pack with enhanced security and several game-changing features.  

ErosCoin in brief

It is undeniable that decentralised payment gateways are increasingly becoming real contenders for conventional payment transfer platforms. Peer-to-peer value and asset transfer methods are inherently more transparent and more secure than their conventional counterparts. This means that they are well-positioned to replace many of the money transfer methods that are used today to conduct cross-border transactions, transfer remittances, engage in exchanges and even make global investments.

The way decentralised payment gateways work is that they act as a seamless currency converter and conveyer. In other words, customers and merchants or senders and receivers will deposit and withdraw payments in whichever currency that is most convenient to them. Usually, there is a blend of fiat and crypto currencies involved at either end and in the middle. So let’s say I choose to send Bitcoin, the receiving party may choose to withdraw it in their local fiat currency.

While there are a number of challenges to overcome on the way to mass-adoption, startups are continuously innovating to elevate the payment transfer customer-experience. So far, payment gateway developers are still grappling with challenges related to the acceptance of different currencies, currency splitting and ease-of-use .

This brings us to ErosCoin, a decentralised, multi-currency, peer-to-peer payment gateway, that provides safer and smoother payment transfers. After over a year in development, the ErosCoin team has introduced an innovative and convenient product for seamless cross-border money transfers that supports all cryptocurrencies. Not only that, they have also presented a solution for currency splitting.  

ErosCoin Features

Built on the ethereum blockchain and complying with all ERC20 principles, the easy-to-use ErosPay Wallet mobile application lends itself quite well for potential mass adoption. Available for Android and iOs, the interface of the wallet is incredibly easy to use. In addition to that, it provides secure backup phrase protection and remote accessibility. The wallet is complete with features like  peer-to-peer communication, In-chat instant payment and One-touch payments. Another feature is Eros micropayments, which  makes it possible for customers to send very small amounts of money.

The Eros web wallet is also convenient to use and enables hassle-free transactions. It also boasts a one step access option while having an integrated two factor authentication system.

In terms of eCommerce, ErosCoin will afford merchants and customers an array of effective tools to facilitate everyday exchanges. Retailers will benefit from services that are tailored for ecommerce like the Merchant panel as well as payment and invoicing management. Indeed, ErosCoin provides advanced invoicing tools to vendors to bill clients, send direct invoices and check their invoice status.

ICO and Presale

The ErosCoin foundation hopes to bring blockchain-based payment transfers to a wide range of industries including supply chain management and product management. The foundation is aiming to expand the use of blockchain-based payment gateways by providing an intuitive product that supports pretty much every currency imaginable and placing it in the hands of the masses.

For the upcoming ICO of the ERO token, 1.2 bln coins are available of the 2.4 bln market cap set by the ErosCoin team. Half of the funds raised will go towards  research and core development and the other half is divided between other business expenses like marketing, legal and operational work as well as bounty programs. The presale period starts in about a week and ends on Sept. 30, so take some time to get to know ErosCoin, the next phase in the blockchain-based payment gateway evolution.