Death Stranding
A near full-hour of Death Stranding footage is coming. | Source: YouTube/PlayStation

Taking to Twitter, Hideo Kojima revealed yesterday that tomorrow’s Death Stranding game play session at the Tokyo Game Show comes in at a mouth-watering run time of 49 minutes. That’s near enough an hour of unseen Death Stranding footage that Kojima says will introduce the ‘basic flow’ of the game and showcase a portion of a mission.

To make way for the extended demo, Sony has even pushed forward Death Stranding’s slot in the PlayStation live show by a full 30 minutes.

Two Death Stranding Game Play Sessions At TGS

Death Stranding TGS Debut Promises Memorable Hour-Long LSD Trip
Source: Death Stranding/Kojima Productions

That’s not all though as Kojima once again takes to the stage on Saturday with another fresh game play session tallying up to an extra 30 minutes of footage. He is also hosting a final event on Sunday where he will sit down with the voice actors from Death Stranding to discuss the game in more detail.

Kojima also revealed he is editing both cuts himself so we can expect him to infuse them with heaps of the distinctive style he’s known for among the gaming community.

A Weird and Wonderful Experience

It’s going to close to an hour of Kojima flavored madness that going by the trailer broadcast during the Opening Night Live event a Gamescom last month should be something akin to taking a heavy dose of a psychoactive drug. Even the man himself doesn’t quite understand what Death Stranding is all about.

We wouldn’t want it any other way, and if Kojima’s claims that he is ushering in a new chapter in video games and redefining the medium are free of hyperbole and taken at face value, then Thursday stands as pivotal day as we embark on that journey.

The Death Stranding game play session kicks off at 3:30 pm JST tomorrow. That’s 2:30 am EDT and 8:30 am CEST. You can tune to the live stream on PlayStation Japan’s YouTube channel and Twitch channel to catch all the action.

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