A live countdown to a Death Stranding event at Paris Games Week tomorrow confirms Hideo Kojima’s surprise is indeed a launch trailer. | Credit: Charly Triballeau/AFP
  • A Death Stranding launch trailer has been confirmed for Paris Games Week tomorrow.
  • Hideo Kojima will take to the stage at 2:50 p.m. local time.
  • Death Stranding is expected to dominate the news cycle in the weeks ahead.

As we speculated last week, it turns out that Hideo Kojima’s Paris Games Week ‘surprise’ is indeed the Death Stranding launch trailer.

Death Stranding Launch Trailer Countdown Stream

A live stream on Kojima Productions’ official Twitch channel is now live. It features a countdown ticking slowly towards 2:50 p.m. local time (CET) tomorrow. You can join the odd 400 people watching the countdown live right here.

Countdown Stream Confirms Death Stranding Launch Trailer Drop At PGW
Source: Twitch

The now-familiar DS title font is complemented by the following, which obliterates any doubt as to the main feature of tomorrow’s event:

Join us in 21:55:00 (as of writing) for the launch trailer of Death Stranding.

The most recent trailers dove head-first into the gameplay and narrative underpinning the upcoming title – a far cry from the nebulous, and oft-confusing, offerings of previous teasers. With this in mind, the launch trailer should follow in that same pattern and offer one of the most revelatory looks at Kojima’s latest game we’ve had to date.

We wouldn’t be surprised to learn of yet another A-list celebrity joining Death Stranding’s already stracked cast. This off the bat of Conan O’Brien’s comedic revelation that he too has his likeness rendered for posterity in Death Stranding.

We’re Nearly There

Earlier this week, we learned that the game was coming to PC in summer 2020.

Beyond tomorrow’s launch trailer unveiling, we’ll be swimming in Death Stranding news for the next two weeks. The review embargo lifts on Friday, Nov. 1, at which time we’ll get a sense of whether the game is a hit or a flop. The game itself launches a week later on Nov. 8.

It feels like the final moments of a crescendo that has lasted years, and it will be fascinating to see whether Hideo Kojima can deliver on his promise of innovation. And, who can forget his claims of establishing the ‘strand’ genre. Exciting times.

This article was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.

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