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David Letterman Slams ‘Goon’ Trump But Saves Biggest Barb for MAGA Haters

W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:43 PM

By CCN.com: In an upcoming interview  on Sunday Today, former Late Show host David Letterman slammed Donald Trump. But he thinks the MAGA haters who spend all their time complaining about the president’s Twitter antics should “stop yacking.”

David Letterman: President Trump Doesn’t Represent Me

In a teaser clip of the interview, Letterman complained that he doesn’t feel like President Trump represents him in the White House.

“As an American I don’t like this man as a president of our country. I love being an American, but I don’t feel he represents me and I don’t like that. I mean, even with other presidents that I’ve disagreed with politically I’ve felt like, okay, I can live with their representation.”

Hold up. Does David Letterman really think Trump is worse than Presidents Obama, Bush, or Clinton? Other than crass and endlessly-entertaining tweets, the policies of these presidents’ administrations were substantively no different than Trump’s. They rounded up and deported immigrants, they abused executive power, they loaded up Wall Street’s coffers with Main Street’s money, and they ran up the national debt for decades.

Letterman also lambasted Trump as a “goon,” but – shockingly – he saved his parting shot in the teaser video was for MAGA haters:

“But I’m sick and tired of everybody wringing their hands about this: ‘Oh my God did you hear what he did?’ Okay let’s just settle this at the next election. Let’s just stop yacking about what a goon he is.”

Letterman Bizarrely Claims That Late Show is Doing a ‘Really Good Job’ in Trump Era

donald trump late show stephen colbert
Stephen Colbert and other late-night hosts have stopped trying in the Trump era. | Source: Shutterstock. Image Edited by CCN.com

Elsewhere in the interview, host Willie Geist asked Letterman whether he missed having the opportunity to host the Late Show now that Trump is president.

He answered:

“No because first of all, the people who are in charge now do a really good job of it, and as I’ve said before it’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. As soon as you’re done, you’ve got to start all over, and it would be the same night, after night, after night, after night.”

That is absolutely false. The people in charge of the Late Show now are not really even trying. They have beaten the Trump horse to death. It’s frankly creative laziness that goes for the low-hanging fruit of cheap political applause instead of actually surprising the audience with something new and funny and making them laugh.

The Late Show and – sadly – pretty much all of the late night genre in the Trump era has become so politicized and uptight they have lost their sense of humor , and their comedy is suffering. Going so political in the first place was a pact with the devil to heat audiences up and boost ratings at the sacrifice of the art of comedy.

This is what a government that’s way too big does to the culture at large. The stakes are so high comedians can’t even just be comedians anymore. The monetary incentives of the big government mass media-political complex are so vast even the clowns of the realm must be soldiers in a never-ending civil war.

It’s amazing that Letterman seems confidently arrogant that Trump will lose at the next election. Even a loss so devastatingly-unexpected as 2016 was not enough to humble the media and entertainment elite of their detachment from reality. As much as they do like to yack about him, one might suspect the entertainment industry elite are secretly happy one of their clowns was crowned king.

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