Dave Portnoy Says He’s ‘Uncancellable’ – But He Couldn’t Be More Wrong

Dave Portnoy is under fire again for racist content. And while he claims he’s “uncancellable,” the Barstool Sports founder is wrong.
dave portnoy, barstool sports
If there's a shred of truth to the claim that he's "uncancellable,"  it's only because there's just not much left to cancel. | Source: Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images/AFP
  • Dave Portnoy was seen using the n-word in a video.
  • He got “canceled” on Twitter.
  • Even though he claims he’s “uncancellable,” he couldn’t be more wrong.

Dave Portnoy is at it again. A super-racist clip of the Barstool Sports founder has surfaced online, and it features the full spectrum of gross behavior.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and the n-word are all dropped in the video.

And while Portnoy claims he’s “uncancellable,” he couldn’t be more wrong.

Dave Portnoy Is an Awful Human

dave portnoy, barstool sports
What a prize of a man. | Source: Grudengrinder/Wikimedia Commons. Image edited by CCN.com.

In a Twitter thread beginning on June 25th, an account called Resist Programming dropped a series of videos featuring Dave Portnoy.

And, as is par for the course, his awful behavior was on full display.

The n-word is dropped more times than in Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint.” Colin Kaepernick gets compared to Osama Bin Laden. And Portnoy and his Barstool Bros brag about “full blackface.”

What a prize of a man.

But the videos didn’t really get traction until Jemele Hill tweeted them out.

Dave Portnoy
Jemele Hill called out Dave Portnoy. | Source: Twitter

When Portnoy subsequently called out Hill for calling him out, the Barstool Bros got #CancelJemele trending.


You Most Certainly Can Be Canceled, Sir

While Dave Portnoy claims he’s “uncancellable,” the truth proves the exact opposite.

His 2017 ESPN show, “Barstool Van Talk,” lasted only one episode. He was canceled after an ESPN anchor called him out for his sexist attacks against her.

And that was long before “cancel culture” was even a thing.

After cancel culture became a thing, Portnoy had it a lot worse. Based on the responses to the videos, Barstool Sports’ day in the sun is over. People don’t find their brand of “Beavis & Butt-Head” style “comedy” funny anymore.

dave portnoy, barstool sports
Dave Portnoy’s racist rants were never funny. But this time, the Barstool founder might finally be canceled for good. | Source: Twitter

Dave Portnoy isn’t even a majority stakeholder in Barstool Sports anymore. So if there’s a shred of truth to the claim that he’s “uncancellable,”  it’s only because there’s just not much left to cancel.

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