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Datarius is Opening P2P Credit Platform

Last Updated April 3, 2023 6:20 AM
Press Release
Last Updated April 3, 2023 6:20 AM

Datarius Cryptobank  announces the launch of alpha version of the 2P2 credit exchange on April 15.

The main goal of the project is free and equal access of all people to transparent financial instruments based on blockchain technology.

For verified users, it is possible to issue and attract loans in the DTRC token in working mode.

The project has signed a number of memorandums and agreements with microcredit organizations from different parts of the world.

In the near future, pilot placement of partner applications will be available to all users.

Within 12 months from the moment of the official launch of the alpha version, payments on all deposits in the DTRC token attracted by the project’s official partners are guaranteed by the Datarius Reserve Fund.

Datarius is the first social p2p cryptobank. The main idea of the project is to provide the customer with a tool with the widest possible capabilities, to bring the maximum number of consumers of financial services together, to give freedom of choice and action,  to provide a high level of automation, to create a truly social fintech product, to show by example that decentralization and the absence of borders is a blessing and that a financial company can and should be a partner and a friend.

Plans of the project for the near future:


  • launch of two options for listing P2P credit exchanges:
  • open-moderated with a set of additional paid services, including risk assessment;
  • open high-risk based on algorithms;
  • completion of work on the formation of the internal credit rating.
  • attracting new verified exchange partners.
  • completion of work on the creation of a domestic open cryptocurrency exchange.
  • integration of co-branded ATM cards with an internal exchange for the P2P exchange of DTRC.

Today, the DTRC token is available on Bancor, Exrates, IDEX and several other external exchanges.

Are you tired of lobbying, opacity, greed, stereotypes of classical financial systems? Do you strive for freedom of choice and for a financial product as a service? Do you believe in the future of decentralization and blockchain technologies? Want to make money with your bank? We, too!

Datarius is your social cryptobank. April 15 at alpha.datarius.io .

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