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DARQ is rewarding gamers with free DLC as thanks for helping Unfold Games’ scathing rebuke to Epic Games go viral. | Source: Unfold Games

Following on from Unfold Games’ highly-publicized diss of the Epic Games Store’s questionable exclusivity dealings, the indie developer has announced free DARQ DLC to thank the community for its support.

Marhulets Lays Bare Epic’s Inflexibility

A scathing Medium post authored by Unfold Games director Wlad Marhulets laid bare just how aggressively and uncompromisingly Epic Games sought Epic Games Store exclusivity for the adventure horror title, DARQ.

Marhulets didn’t outright refuse the deal but explained that a multi-platform release was imperative because he had already promised fans the game would be available on rival platforms Steam and GOG.

The Fortnite developer retorted that this was impossible, contracting earlier claims by CEO Tim Sweeney that multi-store release was the future.

Unfold Games Thanks Community With Free DLC

To Marhulets’ surprise, his post garnered widespread viral support across the gaming community with many praising the courage required to speak out on a subject that could affect the prospect of a fledgling first-time independent developer.

Interest in what was a niche indie title has skyrocketed thanks to the exposure and out-valued the marketing potential afforded had Marhulets struck a deal with Epic Games.

Unfold Games Promises Free DARQ DLC For Viral Epic Store Diss Support
Unfold Games published a scathing blog post criticizing Epic Games. That post quickly went viral. | Source: DARQ/Unfold Games

Unfold Games penned a heartfelt update on the DARQ Steam page late last week expressing gratitude and unveiling a surprise announcement. It reads:

“I’m excited to announce that we’re planning to release additional levels for DARQ later this year. To acknowledge all the support we’ve received from the community and express our gratitude, DARQ DLC’s will be available for free.”

Nothing quite beats the draw of a classic David vs. Goliath narrative, and Unfold Games’ courage lays the foundations for other indie studios tempted by the lucrative appeal of an exclusivity deal to remain steadfast and prioritize player choice.

Unfold Games and Epic Games Feud Continues

Since launching on Aug. 15, DARQ has sat firmly among the top 100 best selling games on Steam, leading Tim Sweeney to publish the following tweet.

As a result, Unfold Games was quick to pick up on the comment and once again reiterated its offer of non-exclusivity, this time promising to donate all Epic Games Store proceeds to charity.

Unsurprisingly, Sweeney has yet to respond.

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