Darkcoin Price Returns to Mean After September Price Bubble

October 8, 2014 08:44 UTC

In September, the Darkcoin price broke out of a slump and surged at an impressive rate. However, Darkcoin could not sustain that massive amount of investment capital, because the Darkcoin price climb turned into a price bubble that popped during the latter half of September.

But it appears the decline may be over and that Darkcoin is returning to its mean price level.

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Darkcoin Price Returns to Mean After September Price Bubble

During the early portion of September, the Darkcoin price hovered around 590,000 satoshis. On September 14, the Darkcoin price exploded, rising to ~714,000 satoshis over the next 48 hours. The Darkcoin price was not done climbing, however, because it continued to increase for the next two days, peaking at just under 912,000 satoshis on September 18.

Unfortunately, Darkcoin’s rapid climb was just a temporary bubble. After peaking on the 18th, the Darkcoin price sharply fell to about 750,000 satoshis on September 21. The price rebounded the next day but then resumed its decline, falling as far as 640,503 satoshis on October 1.

The Darkcoin price experienced a bubble in September. The current Darkcoin price is 696,169 satoshis. Chart from CoinGecko.

However, the Darkcoin price recovered a bit during the first week of October, indicating that it may be returning to the mean following the bubble. At press time, the Darkcoin price was 696,169 satoshis.



Darkcoin’s price and market cap pair well with its overall coin health. Darkcoin ranks seventh in coin market cap and eighth on CoinGecko’s comprehensive rating charts with a 53% rating. Darkcoin is still the safest investment among anonymity-based altcoins. Of course, Darkcoin is not just a privacy-centric altcoin, but anonymity is certainly its primary selling point. Altcoin traders should continue to view Darkcoin as a long-term hold.


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