Dark Wallet Alpha Coming May Day

April 25, 2014
The Dark Wallet Alpha release is slated for May Day.

Late 4/24/14, Dark Wallet unveiled a strange promotional video for the upcoming Dark Wallet Alpha with release date slated for May Day.

“Should I call it ‘Drug Market Ultra’ or ‘Death Market Revival’?” a man asks sheepishly while grasping a machine gun. Opera music plays over the company logo and a clip of President Barack Obama. The camera pans over a blue sign that reads “good luck.” For anyone with a passing familiarity of political rhetoric about the dangers of crypto-currencies, the debates over the merits of injecting Bitcoin with anonymity, and the Deep Web, the video is bound to raise some chuckles. (Or horror, depending on the audience’s point of view…)


[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ere’s the video:

Dark Wallet Alpha first phase of the highly anticipated Bitcoin wallet geared towards private transactions. It is like an ordinary wallet, allowing the user to buy and spend bitcoin, but is injected with anonymity tools like CoinJoin style transactions and stealth payments. According to the website:

Dark Wallet is a community of projects developing a wallet with privacy, scalability and integrity. We see Bitcoin fundamentally as a new tool of business and trade in the free economy, more than a mere payments innovation.

Users can assume different identities by creating a new “pocket.” Multisig and escrow support are built into the wallet. The interface looks dark and sleek, if the website screenshots are any indication. The developers plan to add features with later releases.

Dark Wallet is a part of the Unsystem project, which “aims to bring tools to the people.” The Unsystem website reads:

We are building a separate world, connecting projects and resources across continents and outside the tainted spheres of “legitimacy.”

Besides Dark Wallet, current projects include Libbitcoin, SX, Bitcoin Magazine, Lorea, and the uber-familiar Defense Distributed. Cody Wilson, famous for designing the controversial 3D printed gun template, is Director of Defense Distributed. Other team members include Pablo Martin (Senior Developer), Amir Taaki (Backend Developer), Santiago Mendez (Sysop), Sergio (Designer), Sem (Frontend Developer), Capo (Q&A), David Starkers, and Peter Todd (Chief Scientist).

Anonymity seems to be in high demand. Zerocoin is an unreleased altcoin that is essentially the same as Bitcoin, but anonymous. Don’t confuse Dark Wallet with DarkMarket, another project with the prefix “Dark.” DarkMarket is a prototype that won the Toronto Bitcoin hackathon. The developers hope to supplant online drug bazaars with a single point of failure, such as Silk Road, with an unstoppable decentralized marketplace.  While we are on the topic of DarkMarket… The /r/Bitcoin community has come together (mostly) to demand that DarkMarket switch its name to FreeMarket.  Interestingly, they aren’t clamoring to change Dark Wallet to Free Wallet, though.

Anonymity is a controversial aspect of  crypto-currencies. Regardless, Dark Wallet seems content to serve the goods. The video closes with a clip of President Obama saying with a smirk, “Don’t just download the latest app. Help design it.”  Wise words in this day and age.

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