DAO PlayMarket: App Store Opens Crypto Investment in Indie Android App Developers

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Your mobile device is about to get annoyingly smart. It will be able to talk to you, plan your day and control your home environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered the cutting-edge of app development and the strategic tool Google’s Android plans to use against Apple’s IOS. Yet others would argue that the diffusion of the next big thing in app development is too slow. Centralized authority is stifling app innovation, says new Android app development platform DAO PlayMarket.

By removing centralized authority from app development, DAO PlayMarket 2.0 expects to accelerate app development and innovation. Currently, Google’s Android controls more than 50 percent of the mobile IOS market. This market power gives Google a lot of control over how and when new apps and supporting technology will develop. For AI, for example, Google is currently introducing a new chip and app development tools to make AI usage on small mobile devices easier.

Censor-less App Development

In the decentralized DAO PlayMarket 2.0, users have more control over what apps are listed and blocked from the app market. App information storage and transactions are facilitated on the blockchain, enabling uncensored global access. Decentralized storage frees app development from being censored by the big IOS platforms while the use of a smart contract over the blockchain platform makes transactions vulnerable to the increase in mobile hacking and viruses secure. Eighteen of the top 25 apps on GooglePlay — with over 1 billion downloads each — are Google apps. On PlayMarket 2.0, developers can decide which apps to develop and list, while users can participate in app development through direct investment, voting, promotion, and direct feedback on usage and features.

This self-sufficient development platform creates a sustainable app community running on cryptocurrency, with a built-in cryptocurrency exchange that accepts any fiat or cryptocurrency. Profits are shared more evenly in the sharing economy. The DAO PlayMarket charges app developers a 1 percent commission while Google takes a 30 percent commission from app developers. Moreover, developers are limited to receiving revenue on apps and content to the term of the smart contract. No small pittance, app market revenue is expected to grow 224 percent to USD 139 billion in 2021.

Crowd Investing for Google Apps

App development innovation is further supported by a built-in crowdfunding platform, allowing app developers to raise tokens to fund new development projects. The removal of intermediaries by the blockchain places interested investors only “a few clicks” away.  ICOs conducted within a dedicated community of users can help to lower the risk posed by the increase in ICO fakes and scams.

App investors are further incentivized to participate in the growth of the PlayMarket app platform through dividend income. App developers pay a five percent commission on funds raised through token issuance on the ICO platform to the PlayMarket Foundation which, in turn, distributes regular dividends to investors.

Become an Android App Indie Investor

Allowing investors to participate in the success of Android apps is truly a unique investment concept. Many successful Android apps start off as indie developers, and some top paid app developers such as Telltale Games (MineCraft) and Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds) are still private companies. The average Android app makes $2,735 a month, according to Vision Mobile. Popular apps such as Angry Birds, which is estimated to make USD 70,000 in monthly revenue, make substantially more.

There are many benefits to incentivizing users to support apps by becoming investors. The freemium model has encouraged a throw-away app society. Currently, over two thirds of apps are not used after the initial installation and exploration. As investors, app users are incentivized to participate in the growth of the DAO PlayMarket in various ways.  As financial beneficiaries, they will be motivated to engage in more promotional activity of apps across social networks or through ratings and reviews. As the community grows, their token and dividend values have the potential to increase. Other interesting marketing concepts include the ability of developers to offer tokens to Android users who purchase, download or take actions within an app.

The DAO PlayMarket 2.0 Token Sale

DAO PlayMarket is raising funds through an ICO to support its marketing efforts, for which it has allocated 75 percent of the ICO proceeds. The DAO PlayMarket will officially launch with 500 applications in June 2018 and is projected to grow to 300,000 apps with 10 million users within a year. The other 25 percent of the funds will go to the project team and be frozen for 24 months.

The PlayMarket token (PMT) ICO started in November and it will take place in several stages, and offer discounts to early investors. since the start of the  ICO they have already collected more than $250,000. If you are a developer, watch out for DAO PlayMarket hackathons, which will allow you to test drive the censor-less Android app development platform. The source codes will be available on the DAO PlayMarket website.

With centralized authority removed and new funding sources available for Android app developers, we may not have to wait so long for the next big thing in app development to arrive.