Dallas Cowboys Finally Make a Long Overdue Change

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December 9, 2019 9:42 PM UTC

Fans have been clamoring for the Dallas Cowboys to make some changes, and the team finally decided to make one that was long overdue.

  • A promising season has descended into a pool of frustration for the Dallas Cowboys that has fans clamoring for change.
  • A coaching change is what fans want to see most, but it is unlikely the team makes that move at this time.
  • They have made one long-overdue move, though.

The Dallas Cowboys need to make some changes. After a promising start to the season, they have descended to a level of mediocrity that is maddening to fans. The reason for it seems painfully clear—the coaching staff is not up to the task. While he agrees, Jerry Jones seems reluctant to pull the trigger and make a change.

But Monday afternoon, the team finally made one long-overdue change. It may not be the one fans want most, but it still needed to happen.

Brett Maher Released After Visiting Kids in Hospital

Brett Maher had to know it was coming. After setting a new mark for futility with his tenth miss of the season last Thursday night against the Bears, he had to know the end was near. But until it happens, there is only one thing he can do.

He has to act like it isn’t going to happen. So, when several of his teammates went out to visit kids at a local hospital, he joined them.

Before getting released by the Cowboys, Brett Maher joined teammates at a local hospital to visit some kids. | Twitter

The hammer dropped on him after getting back to the training facility.

As nice as his 62-yard kick was earlier this season, a kicker in the NFL can’t expect to keep his job after missing 10 kicks in 13 games. Taking over the kicking duties will be Kai Forbath.

Next Up—Kai Forbath

Forbath recently spent time with the New England Patriots. He made his one field goal attempt but missed one of two extra points.

The Cowboys will be Forbath’s fifth team in nine seasons. It is actually his sixth if you count his brief time with the Cowboys coming out of college in 2011. Since he was injured at the time, he was placed on the Non-Football Injury list and never practiced with the team before getting cut.

Throughout his career, he has never missed more than six kicks in a single season (2017 with Minnesota)—unless you count extra points. He missed five of those that season as well.

More Change Could Be Coming

While Cowboys fans will be glad to hear that at least one problem has been dealt with, they may not have to wait long before more changes occur. Jones made it sound like Jason Garrett’s job was safe through Week 15.

In doing so, he made it seem like he could consider letting Garrett go if the Cowboys lose to the Rams this week. With how the Rams look now that Todd Gurley is getting 20+ touches a game, it is hard to see the Cowboys winning this week.

While it wouldn’t be shocking if Jones did fire Garrett following a loss to the Rams, he may not. Since the NFC East is so bad this season, the Cowboys will still have a shot at the NFC East title even if they lose.

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