Crystal Clear Services Aims to Disrupt the Global Services Industry through Blockchain; Launches ICO

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It was only a matter of time before a new method of selecting and working with local service providers was created.

Crystal Clear Services (CCT) has brought the way consumers select local service providers into the digital age of blockchain technology. The ICO is set to launch today, and will herald in a new age in the relationships between vendors and their customers.

Transparency and dispensing with middlemen will prove to be a major disruption in the archaic methodology in use today. Cutting out intermediaries will drive down costs to consumers and create an equal playing field. Until now, both service providers and consumers were at each others mercy, all that is changed with the introduction of the Crystal Clear Services platform.

Service providers could end up not being paid or having to wait a long time to receive payment. Sometimes credit card payments are rejected resulting in costly litigation and wasted time. There is nothing stopping a competitor from publishing untrue feedback. Consumers had to take a lot of time to get the best prices because they had to query potential service providers. Vendor ratings could be manipulated as well as market pricing. There is no non-editable forum to check-out potential vendors, that is...until now. Imagine if consumers can setup their own private auction for the services they need.

So what then does the Crystal Clear Services platform have to offer?

Here is a small sampling of it’s features:

  • Decentralized Service System: This allows for the marketplace to be self-regulated and truly transparent to all involved.
  • Total Transparency of Transactions and Prices: Each completed service is recorded in a non-editable Blockchain viewable by everyone.
  • Authentic Reputations, Reviews and Recommendations: Due to the non-editable nature of the Blockchain, the true state of affairs for each service provider/customer is shown.
  • View Experience of Service Providers: Each participant can plainly see how each other has performed thus increasing trust in the system.
  • Popularization of Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies: The use of this platform will enable everyone to become a player in the cryptocurrency arena.
  • Escrow System and Dispute Resolution: This eliminates the payment risks from both sides. Five objective panel members will help settle any complex disputes.
  • Lowest Fee of All Systems: A minimum Fee of 1% will encourage more service providers and consumers on a global basis.
  • Instant Payment: This platform allows for instant payment of services. Customers can pay using both fiat currencies (dollars, euros, rubles, etc.) and in the cryptocurrencies, such as CCT, Bitcoin, ETH and Litecoin. Offline cash payments can be recorded into the system once payment confirmation by both parties is received. An ATM Card can be tied into the system and can mean instant payment for services rendered.
  • Integrated System of Auction Services: Any user can open an auction for the service he/she is in need of, and then choose a vendor based on price and/or reviews.
  • Global Blacklist System: Warns users of the platform about unscrupulous consumers and service providers. Available for all to see.

The "Crystal Clear Services" ICO Event has drawn much interest from both Investors and Institutional Investment Groups. It marks their entering the multi-trillion Blockchain market worldwide. The CCT tokens can be used for payment on the platform and maybe even perform as the next Bitcoin. The ICO period will last for only one month, from September 08, 2017 to October 08, 2017. Early buyers will receive substantial bonuses. Don’t sit on the sidelines, get involved.

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