Crysis Memes Are Making a Comeback – And Yes, There’s Likely a New Game Too

The official Crysis account has just tweeted for the first time in 4 years, and it seems like a new Crysis game might be on the way.

I'm not sure if I'm more excited for the prospect of a new Crysis game or the glorious comeback of one of gaming's favorite memes. | Source: Crytek/EA

  • The official Crysis account just tweeted for the first time since 2016.
  • The tweet in question featured the cryptic message “RECEIVING DATA” in all caps.
  • Could this mean that a brand new game in the Crysis series is on the way soon?

Crysis ranks as one of the most legendary names in PC gaming. Partially because it’s a series that almost always sets the bar for technical brilliance. But mostly because of all the “But Can It Run Crysis?” memes that were so popular a few years ago.

It looks like it might be time to dust off your meme folders. The official Crysis Twitter account just posted a cryptic message after years of radio silence: “RECEIVING DATA.”

Source: Twitter

That’s an obvious hint that something is brewing at Crytek, and the internet is officially losing its collective mind.

Crysis Is Coming Back… Probably

And rightfully so! Crysis is a landmark series that highlights just what can be done when you push dedicated gaming hardware to its limits.

If a new game is on the way, then we can expect it to do the same again:

There is a certain argument to be made against the necessity of pushing for the bleeding edge of technology. But if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s ridiculously fun to watch.

Hopefully, whatever this new game turns out to be, it stays true to the series’ reputation for pushing boundaries to unprecedented limits.

Of course, the way 2020 is going, we’re just as likely to end up with a mobile gaming monstrosity. Though given Crytek’s reputation, that seems highly unlikely.

Get Ready for the Memes to Enjoy a Renaissance

The “But Can It Run Crysis?” memes are a core part of the series’ fame, and they’ve already started to pick back up again.

Even PC hardware manufacturers are starting to get involved:

Source: Twitter

Which I suppose you might expect considering the strain it’s likely to put on current gaming PC hardware.

Considering that the last time the Crysis account tweeted was back in 2016, today’s post came as a shock. It’s no wonder that people are getting hyped up. One of the most beloving PC gaming franchises seems like it’s making a comeback.

But remember: You can’t rule anything out in 2020. Especially when EA is involved. All we need is for this to turn out to be some sort of elaborate prank, and our collective depression might finish the entire industry off.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:49 PM

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