Cryptsy Removes Minimum Coin Order Limit

March 23, 2014

Big Vern announced via Twitter today that Cryptsy was removing the minimum coin order limit and lowered the minimum fee to 0.00000001. This will allow it to be much easier to trade in some of the alt-coins that you may have low volumes of and also low values. This may lead to a higher fee for very small transactions yet still allow them to be made. A double edged sword yet one that still helps very much.

BigVern ‏@cryptsy
Minimum order quantities have been removed. Only requirement now is that the order total > 0.00000010. Min fee for any order is 0.00000001

I know many of us have been ended up with tiny amounts of alt-coins that we either mined, purchased or traded for thinking it was a great new coin or as an investment. I was happy to see this today as I have 32.79 Mooncoin I could not trade because it was below minimum limits. I traded it for Litecoin with


no problems with a total fee of 0.00000002. Not a bad deal and now I am able to trade a coin I was unable to before. It is going to help my coin balances when I trade many more alt-coins I have not been able to before and make me less nervous in trying out new coins that come on the market.

Cryptsy keeps expanding it’s set of coins that are available for trading in this will also become handy during the ups and downs of different coins. With so many news coins coming on the scene, it will allow a better footing for many of them as they can be purchased or sold much faster.

Scrypt mining pools have begun to show the difference between strong coins as Litecoin and Doge and the weak one’s like Moon and Suncoin. Some of these will bounce back, and others will go off into history as another crypto coin that was. It is interesting to see how communities for each of the coins are reacting or in some cases not reacting.

This move by Cryptsy will give many coins new life. Now that they are able to be traded in lower amounts activity will increase for them and possibly trade value.

Cryptsy although not perfect has been making strides accommodate the moving target that is the cryptocoin world. With many new exchanges pooping up Cryptsy, has been working hard to stay not only competitive but also to raise the bar while doing so.

Other companies like Multipool have also gone live with Cryptsy integration on the 21st of this month.

Multipool ‏@Multipool Mar 21
#Multipool #cryptsy integration is live! Save your #cryptsy trade key and import your withdrawal addresses automatically!

Multipool facilitating the simple importation of your Cryptsy addresses is another step in the right direction.

Cryptsy Exchange

Removing the trade minimum will make Multipools integrating even more useful to miners and allow Multipool to try out more coins as they will be able to trade many of them right on Cryptsy.

Another good feature Cryptsy has rolled out and some more good news about an exchange instead of bad.

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